Administration and maternity pay

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Holarmo Tue 20-Mar-18 09:34:11

The company I work for is going into administration and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant.
I am massively worried that I will not get maternity pay, but I am unsure about how it all works. I have tried to talk to my HR but they seem unsure as well.
If I am still employed after my 25th week, am I entitled to smp? I have worked for them for 3 years full time.
Thanks in advance

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Smurftastic Fri 27-Apr-18 13:05:48

I'm sorry you're in that situation! My company went into administration, but I am already on maternity leave. so it might work differently for you. I think there's a 'qualifying week', from which you'd still be eligible to receive maternity pay. I found a free helpline, they are very helpful so you might want to give them a call. Best of luck.

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