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fairymuff Fri 16-Mar-18 20:34:58

It is my dream job. Everything about it was right for me. The interview went really well, got great feedback - I got down to the last two and then found out nearly at the end of the process that the other candidate was internal and it was pretty much a foregone conclusion. (I am known to the organisation but was an external candidate)

Just want sympathy and a bit of hand holding really, as I am feeling sorry for myself. sadsadsad

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PositivelyPERF Fri 16-Mar-18 20:38:17

That really fucks me off. They know they are more than likely going to give it to the internal candidate, but waist external candidates’ time by interviewing them, just so they can be see to be following the letter of the law. Sorry OP, but would you want to work for pricks like that? Hopefully you’ll get the next dream job.

Sosog00d Fri 16-Mar-18 20:41:11

Have a tonne of sympathy from me. It's shit. Really bloody shit. I don't even know what to say that might help. So, here's some solidarity!!

I'm shit at interviews. Spent the last 3 years temping. Not fun when raising 3 kids as a single parent (dad contributions are ok, but he's a disney dad tbh)

I long for stability, some recognition but it's not there.

I don't know where you are OP but NI is a nightmare for getting jobs.. some public sector processes are so onerous. Private sector aren't interested if you've worked in public sector. As for voluntary, well it's the worst for cronyism.

fairymuff Fri 16-Mar-18 20:44:27

Thanks perf. I knew it was a done deal the moment she was mentioned - I know her and she's really good so I don't have any ill will towards her but I just wish I hadn't invested so much of myself in the whole thing.

I genuinely thought I stood a good chance, not in an arrogant way, just because my experience matches the criteria well and they know and like me.

Sometimes I think they do it to make the internal feel better too - so that they think they've deserved it more or something.

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TittyGolightly Fri 16-Mar-18 20:45:43

They know they are more than likely going to give it to the internal candidate, but waist external candidates’ time by interviewing them, just so they can be see to be following the letter of the law.

What law is that then?

fairymuff Fri 16-Mar-18 20:46:31

Thanks sosogood - it was a teaching role at a uni so yep, processes are what processes need to be.

Thanks for the solidarity. I haven't had a cry yet-perhaps I need to to get it out of my system

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Sharpkat Fri 16-Mar-18 20:53:37

I totally empathise. I went through 5 rounds of interviews with a company in December and January. Then heard nothing from them for 2 weeks. I chased and they said it was looking positive. The next day it had gone internal. Was my dream job as well.


Sosog00d Fri 16-Mar-18 21:00:31

Fairy I'd just decompress if I were you....feel whatever you feel and remind yourself how brilliant you are. Their choices need not reflect on your ability, skills and aptitude.

As an aside, I'm starting to think there's no such thing as a dream job. When I find myself thinking like that about a job..I start to see red flags.....almost as though I'm overinvesting (if that makes any sense!)

They're all mostly mundane in my experience.

fairymuff Fri 16-Mar-18 22:31:27

That's really tough sharpkat, I'm sorry. Even worse when it's drawn out too.

Yep, sosogood, think you might be right. In my head it is the dream job but, as you say, reality is likely to be different.


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AnnieAnoniMouse Fri 16-Mar-18 22:36:48

I’m sorry, that’s really crap. Have a good sob, then think about the 101 things that are probably properly shitty.

fairymuff Fri 16-Mar-18 23:26:43


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daisychain01 Sat 17-Mar-18 05:10:42

fairy it's a real shame that you didn't get the job, but I will go against the grain here by saying if another role came up in that organisation that you felt was suitable and advantageous don't be put off applying for it. You are obviously attracted to the company and/or the industry is the right one for you, so keep an open mind.

The interview process isn't an exact science and there are always winners and losers. Remember you've made a great impression on them so it may be that if you were to apply, you already have the advantage over other candidates and you'd be fast tracked in terms of them knowing a lot more about you. Recruiters like "known quantities" and they want your success as much as you do - it's in their best interests too!

Have a nice weekend and treat yourself kindly. You were a success in a different way.

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sat 17-Mar-18 07:13:55

I'm sorry that is hard. I've been in the opposite situation and been the internal candidate. I think they do it partly to keep the internal candidate on their toes - the place I worked advertised an internal vacancy that could have been written with me in mind (they knew I would want it and I was well known in the department). I had to go through interviews, aptitude tests, presentations etc together with external candidates. To this day I have no idea if they were going through the motions or seriously considering the other candidates but it definitely got rid of any complacency I felt about getting it. I suppose it also covers their backs that they carried out all the normal processes if the appointment turns out to be a poor choice.

daisychain01 Sat 17-Mar-18 07:30:24

To this day I have no idea if they were going through the motions or seriously considering the other candidates

You've articulate exactly what I meant about recruitment not being an exact science Wh0knows There are many forces at play that nobody will ever know about in terms of the intention for running interviewstge methods used and why decisions were made. What goes down on the record often doesn't reflect the reality. It can even be about the stars aligning in the day.

Amunamun Sat 17-Mar-18 13:13:34

Aww, this is always so annoying. They waste people's time when they know that the job is already taken by the internal candidate. I am not sure how this works in UK but in EU, it is required by law that they need to publish the job and make a proper interview even if they know that it is not gonna happen hmm Don't worry, there will be another opportunity. Take it as an exercise, you will be more ready for another interview wink you know, it can happen that the person that interviewed you really wanted you for the job, however, someone higher in the hierarchy decided that they should take this internal person instead. So not really your fault. Cheer up smile

fairymuff Sun 18-Mar-18 09:18:00

Thanks all.

I've seen internal candidates at my own place not get the job even though everyone thought they would. There are always unknown subjectivities/agendas by those recruiting and it's difficult to mitigate for those.

I'm ok. It could have been worse and done really badly at an interview for a job I really wanted.

They said they would let me know if other roles come up within the same area so fingers crossed.

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scrabbler3 Tue 20-Mar-18 20:01:35

It's infuriating. If there's a great internal candidate, why put him/her through the stress of interview, and simultaneously waste external applicants' time and money?

itstimeforanamechange Wed 21-Mar-18 17:58:25

I've been in the opposite situation and got the job when there was an internal candidate (or a "casual" who wanted a permanent role). There were two roles, and the other one went to another casual. She was never massively warm towards me and I wondered if it was because she felt I'd "stolen" the job from the casual who'd wanted it.

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