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NHS continuous service

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Soapysuds64 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:30:55

I was working for the NHS on a fixed term contract - had 3 years continuous service from a number of contracts one after the other. However, when the last fixed term expired, at the last minute it was decided not to extend it. I managed to get redeployed into a different NHS post, but there was a 3 week gap between the jobs. I had been offered the new job before the old one finished, but I had an operation planned, so I took a few days off for that. I have now learnt that to maintain continuous service, the break must be no more than one week..... can anyone advise what are the benefits of continuous service, and whether it is worth complaining? I am a member of a Union - could they help?

retirednow Tue 13-Mar-18 19:42:56

Continuous service affects your pension entitlement

gamerwidow Tue 13-Mar-18 19:47:22

Some benefits are based on reckonable service rather than continuous I.e. pension and leave so the gap won’t matter. I think it might affect what you’d get in terms of redundancy pay as that is based on continuous.

lougle Fri 16-Mar-18 23:11:04

There is no impact on a break of service of 3 weeks:

From the NHS Employers Terms and Conditions Document:
"*Reckonable service*
12.1 An employee’s continuous previous service with any NHS employer counts as reckonable service in respect of NHS agreements on redundancy, maternity, sick pay and annual leave.

12.2 Employers have discretion to take into account any period or periods of employment with employers outside the NHS, where these are judged to be relevant to NHS employment.

12.3 When employees who have been transferred out of NHS employment to a non-NHS provider return to NHS employment, their continuous service with a new non-NHS employer providing NHS funded services, will be counted as reckonable in respect of NHS agreements on sick pay, annual leave and incremental credit.

Re-appointment of previous NHS employees.
12.4 On returning to NHS employment, a previous period or periods of NHS service will be counted towards the employee’s entitlement to annual leave.

12.5 On returning to NHS employment, a previous period or periods of NHS service will be counted towards the employee’s entitlement to sickness absence, where there has been a break or breaks in service of 12 months or less."

Pension breaks of up to 5 years are accumulated, so 3 weeks has no impact there either.

lougle Fri 16-Mar-18 23:14:16

Or are you saying that the 3 week break has restarted your clock for redundancy and occupational maternity leave?

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