Leaving whilst on probation period.

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marfmarf Sun 04-Mar-18 23:48:55

I have worked as bank worker for nhs band 6 pay band (fulltime bank) for almost a year, recently they have offered me a permanent post (band 6), 2 weeks into the job (permanent) I feel that I am not happy as I feel that I am not able to utilize my skills to the maximum plus the fact that travel is also stressful,I have found a job nearby about 30mins travel by car but on band 5 position with night shifts and weekend shifts which I like and which is not offered on my current trust.

Contract states that I can hand in 1 week notice under probation period.

My manager is too kind,prior into accepting the permanent post, I have already informed him that I cannot be on time, he was ok with it. But then whenever I get late I would hear him moan to my colleagues which really confused me plus I have co-workers who arent happy that I got a senior position when I am just newly qualified here in the UK. It is stressing me quite enough and not to mention they or she belittles my capabilities and is keeping her eyes on me. Made me feel like the rules & regulation in the department is made solely for me 🙄🙄🙄, I felt harrased and bullied at one point.

What would be the best reason to give my current manager to leave whilst on probation, without them thinking that I am ungrateful. I have just started as permanent 2nd week of February and planning to leave first week of April.

Thank you.

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SeniorRita Sun 04-Mar-18 23:51:28

You don't have to give them any reason, just resign. If you feel you must, say it's the travel.
The rest of the stuff is all pointless trivia.

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