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PrivateView Mon 26-Feb-18 02:05:37

Just wondering if IBU here. I've been in my current job for a month. It's in my field and interest area but I'm not enjoying it. It's (too) laid back, disorganised, and I'm working largely on my own, aside from people basically throwing tasks at me. But I could deal with that if it wasn't for the pay. I had kind of kidded myself we could cope on it because I needed a job (sole earner) but we can't without great difficulty. I also do some work on the side and I and calculated I'd need the around an extra 15 hours a week on the side to bring us up to being able to manage.

Everyone is really nice though, but I just feel lost and I'm constantly worrying about money and don't think I can cope with working 50+ hours a week for the foreseeable especially with my young DD. I am already exhausted.

Anyway I've seen another job that pays £4k more a year and is more my interest and working in a team which I've applied for. Obviously might not even get an interview but now I'm feeling worried and guilty! I kind of did it in a panic because of money worries. I live in a small town and I'm worried about trashing my reputation if I left this job so soon. I left it off my application to avoid questions and also because my new boss doesn't know me or my work really even to give me a reference.

Has anyone ever done this and if so how did it work out for you?

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flowery Mon 26-Feb-18 10:48:10

If you left your current role off your application how are you planning to explain the gap? Just with your 'work on the side'?

Leaving so soon won't help your reputation with your current employer, sure. But only you can decide whether that will impact your reputation in a wider sense in the sector you work in. If it will get round then leaving it off your application is probably not the best idea - if the potential new employer will find out anyway then it's better you were upfront about it really.

Catinthecorner Mon 26-Feb-18 12:46:36

Sometimes a job doesn’t work out. Go to the interview,explain you are working at X-Place currently but you’re finding the company culture isn’t a good fit and are looking for something more team oriented/organised/controlled/whatever makes sense in the context of their environment

JackieReacher Mon 26-Feb-18 12:50:17

yup. Went and e

JackieReacher Mon 26-Feb-18 12:51:01

oops went and explained my reasons for moving (it was a change of industry into absolute dream job) and got it. THe only issue since then has been explaining the six weeks in one job (they were astonishingly nice about it)

daisychain01 Tue 27-Feb-18 08:08:39

Leaving so soon isn't something I'd normally recommend but if the new job looks much more suitable I'd go for it. Sounds like you had to make a quick decision due to money worries and it isn't working out.

Taking a calculated risk is something everyone has to take at some point in their career, just don't make a habit of it. And make sure you're changing for the rIght reason, because the job is more suitable, not because of a bit more money, otherwise it could be 'out of the frying pan into the fire' so to speak.

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