Starting an NHS apprenticeship whilst pregnant

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Starlight987 Wed 21-Feb-18 20:32:45

So I’ve just been offered a Level 2 apprenticeship as a pharmacy assistant with the NHS in a hospital which will last for 15 months. I’m 4 months pregnant and in terms of my rights I’m unsure what they are as an apprentice. I’m planning on taking maternity leave as late as possible and would coming back to finish my course after maternity leave be possible? Also when would it be the right time to tell my employer and would I be fired as a result?Thanks

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RaininSummer Wed 21-Feb-18 20:42:49

Not sure about your provider but we can suspend learners, effectively stopping the clock on training until they return. I would discuss it with them as soon as possible but there is a concern that they might suggest you dont start now at all but reapply later.

PersianCatLady Tue 27-Feb-18 13:58:07

Technically it is discrimination if you get fired or treated unfavourably because of your pregnancy.

One thing I would consider is what would you be entitled to in terms of maternity leave and pay in the new job?

It would probably be far less than your current job (if you have been there a while).

Find out what you would be entitled to in the new job and your current job and then decide what is best for you.

Congratulations by the way.

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