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Verbal change of job title

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Mreva Tue 20-Feb-18 20:15:02

At the beginning of last year I was offered a newly created job role within my current company, which I accepted. This new role came with much higher responsibilities than my previous role.

Since then, I have received a small pay increase and a brief new job description for this role.

I have however not received an updated contract to show my new job title, despite asking several times over the last year.

I am now looking to apply for a new job outside of this company and I am hesitant to put this role on my application. Please tell me that a verbal change like this would stand??

flowery Wed 21-Feb-18 02:21:33

Doesn’t sound like a verbal change if you’ve had a job description for the role and a salary increase (did that not come with a letter?)

What’s your concern, do you think if asked in a reference your employer would deny this is your job?

daisychain01 Wed 21-Feb-18 05:50:37

If you've been doing the role for the past year, then of course you have a right to put it on your CV and also discuss the role and related experience in any interview you attend.

Make sure you evidence in the interview with specific examples in the new role to show how it was career progression and how you added value.

Mreva Wed 21-Feb-18 08:00:43

Sorry, that was certainly not the most eloquent of posts!

Yes, my worry is that upon references they might deny that this is my job title. The 'job description' is a list of my new tasks, but not a 'proper' job description.

Again, no letter regarding pay increase.

I will apply using this job title, I am just worried as I really want this job!!

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