Would I be able to study on maternity leave free

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Twocatsonebaby Sun 18-Feb-18 14:46:35

Not sure if this is the right category. I'm expecting ds just shy of my 22nd birthday next month. I have a job in a supermarket but after facing discrimination in my pregnancy, I've decided to give myself a kick up the ass and study something to set a better example and support my dcs more.

My dp is claiming income based JSA as he was recently let go from his job. So I believe in the UK education is free for him.
Would it be free for me when ds is a bit older if dp still is out of work?
It's a college course I'm looking at.

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flowery Sun 18-Feb-18 17:05:02

But if DP is still out of work surely you couldn’t afford to study even if the course itself was free? What would you live on?!

Twocatsonebaby Sun 18-Feb-18 17:06:14

I have a part time income and get help thankfully

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Lovesagin Sun 18-Feb-18 17:10:52

Can't be sure it I think it's only free if you are getting JSA. Otherwise they might accept payment plan type thing?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 18-Feb-18 17:15:19

Generally speaking, I think college courses are free until you're 19 or are on certain benefits. Being the partner of someone on benefits doesn't count, sadly.

RowenaDedalus Sun 18-Feb-18 17:17:46

It's only free in the following scenarios (from gov website)
If you're-
-claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance
-in an Employment and Support Allowance work-related activity group
-required to do training as part of your Universal Credit claim

So basically it looks like no, it would not be free. It's only free if you are unemployed.

Roomba Sun 18-Feb-18 17:34:05

IIRC it is only courses up to a certain (very low) level that are free if you are on JSA, too.

Twocatsonebaby Sun 18-Feb-18 17:39:08

Saying that, there are apprenticeships it just depends on hours with two children. I'll find a way for money. I can't be stuck in this stupid job

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BrinjalPickle Sun 18-Feb-18 17:40:40

It can also depend on your previous level of study. If you don’t already have a full level 3 qualification then you may be eligible to study for free even if you’re over 19. However most 19 plus students now have to pay for their study and there are loans available. Your local college should be able to advise you.

LIZS Sun 18-Feb-18 17:41:35

They are not always free to over 19s, unemployed or not. It depends on the course, whether it is government or project funded and what level of education you already have. Gcse English and Maths are afaik the only ones which are universally free to those who do not already have them . If it is an accredited course you may qualify for an Advanced Learning Loan.

LIZS Sun 18-Feb-18 17:44:16

Unwaged dependants used to be considered for fee remission but that wouldn't cover you on ml or pt working.

PaperdollCartoon Sun 18-Feb-18 17:45:00

If you’re studying for your first level 2 or 3 (GCSE or A Level) course, it’s free until you’re 24. I started my A Levels at 21, didn’t pay anything. If you’ve already done some GCSEs or A Levels and want to retake them or do different ones - say you did A level maths and now want to do art - you would have to pay for them as it’s not the first go. Go and talk to a local college. Hopefully your DP will find a new job too too.

Twocatsonebaby Sun 18-Feb-18 17:45:53

Thanks all. I'm hoping dp will have a decent job not long after ds is born. But I wanted to do floristry. But I think an apprenticeship may be better by the sounds of it smile,

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expatinscotland Sun 18-Feb-18 17:45:55

Even on JSA you'd likely have to take out loans.

If your DP is unemployed then surely he's free to look after your two children whilst you are doing an apprenticeship.

PaperdollCartoon Sun 18-Feb-18 17:46:36

Equivalent level 3s will also count by the way, not just A Levels. If you think you might want to go to university have a look at Access courses

LIZS Sun 18-Feb-18 17:47:04

Paperdoll how long ago was that , I think it changed to 19 about 3 years ago.

PaperdollCartoon Sun 18-Feb-18 17:50:25

It was 9 years ago (how?!) but this government page shows it’s still the same - if it’s your first level 2 or 3


Twocatsonebaby Sun 18-Feb-18 17:52:21

Ah okay, could I retake gcse maths then? I used to do interior design but I dropped out due to depression etc. So i only did one year as well as one year of broadcast at a brit school. Not or sure what qualification that was though. I had nothing from them when I left. But gcse maths was always on the side if we wanted to retake.

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PaperdollCartoon Sun 18-Feb-18 17:56:46

I don’t know if you’d have to pay for retakes, I think you probably would as it’s not the first go, but best to talk to the college directly. It’s definitely one that’s worth getting.

LIZS Sun 18-Feb-18 17:56:59

Did you pass it? Or get a grade D or below.

Twocatsonebaby Sun 18-Feb-18 17:58:24

Grade D. I'll definitely ask smile

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LIZS Sun 18-Feb-18 17:58:37

Gcse maths is free until you pass but you would need to take a course as the curriculum and marking system has changed. You would need it to be accepted on a level 3 course, or commit to take it alongside.

LIZS Sun 18-Feb-18 18:27:55

Paperdoll you may be correct although only for specific courses. Our local college has this currently on its website (so may well change for next academic year).

Qualification Courses - Concessionary Fee
Concessionary fees only apply for courses marked * in the course guide. If you are aged 19 or over and satisfy one (or more) of the criteria below then you may qualify for free tuition:
•In receipt of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) including those with NI credits only and enrolling on a course to gain skills for employment
•In receipt of Employment Support Allowance – Work Related Activity Group (ESA WRAG) and enrolling on a course to gain skills for employment
•Unemployed and can provide current documentary proof of a state benefit and undertaking skills training that will help get you into work ("Employment Waiver") - specific rules apply
•Aged 19-23 and studying your first Full Level 2 qualification
•Aged 19-23 and studying your first Full Level 3 qualification
•In receipt of a Universal Credit and mandated to undertake skills training. Specific rules apply to ex-military personnel (evidence of entrance learning criteria is required)
If you are in receipt of these benefits, then please ensure you provide original documents at enrolment. Please note that any paperwork will be photocopied and held in your record. All other course related fees will still be payable.
Depending on the course you apply for, you may be asked to contribute towards materials that you take away with you eg ingredients or flowers. You will be advised of any costs when you enrol.

However it does not currently appear to offer any accredited Floristry courses.

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