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NHS settlement at Her Magicstries Treasury

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Sisterj Wed 14-Feb-18 22:56:00

Good evening . I am a long time watcher and find the advice on these boards very helpful so if you could help me that would be good please. My NHS department is being changed and I am sad about my future job. There are other problems to but I must not talk about. I asked for a settlement agreement so I leave and they are being coy. But my union speaked with their lawyer and the lawyer said they have to have permission from Her Magicstries Treasury. My union think they are asking for permission now. They call it severance but I think it is different. Do you know how long this permission take to get? My union is very new and slow. Do you have experience of agreeing a settlement? I hope they will say I can have a settlement but I think it will not be high so I have to push it up. In my country we agree a price at half asked but I don't think UK work like that! smile

Sisterj Wed 14-Feb-18 23:05:40

It is funny I go to work now but I will come back.

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