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Need some advice - job advertised at old workplace, want to apply but when to ask if they would consider fewer hours?

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hennessythegreat Mon 12-Feb-18 21:38:44

A year ago I had a job I really liked, 30 hours a week. Got on with everyone and kept in touch. I left to work in a related field but unfortunately the job ended due to lack of funding - am currently fairly new in a job I am really not enjoying at all. My old boss from the first job told me they are advertising and encouraged me to apply but when I looked I saw it was full time. Would it be cheeky to contact her at this stage and see if 30 hours would be feasible? also to start and leave earlier, as the late finish was an issue for me before? I would prefer to do this job full time than the one I'm doing now, if the hours were earlier, but 30 hours was perfect (trying to finish off my MA). How would you approach this? Boss is lovely person and I don't want to presume on her good nature in any way.

CalmConfident Mon 12-Feb-18 21:43:06

If you do not ask, you will never know.

Give her a call for an informal chat and just ask. Having an experienced trusted person is a great asset to any team. I would compromise on hours for that, plus you are likely to be more efficient than a brand new starter

hennessythegreat Mon 12-Feb-18 21:48:54

That's great to hear, thanks. They were pleased with my work and I loved the company - only left for this other opportunity that turned out to be a real dead end - no one's fault but one of those things. They offered me what they could to try and keep me and now I wish I stayed! just don't want to be cheeky because they're people I like and get on with

CalmConfident Wed 14-Feb-18 22:29:17

Have you had the conversation with previous boss yet then?

Just do it smile

hennessythegreat Sat 24-Feb-18 08:23:44

I emailed her but never heard back, which means I'm scuppered from putting in an application of any kind and the deadline is on Sunday!

2ndSopranos Sat 24-Feb-18 08:27:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eurochick Sat 24-Feb-18 08:28:58

Just apply. You can discuss hours if you are offered the job.

daisychain01 Sat 24-Feb-18 08:31:07

You need to separate the people from the act of getting the job.

There's nothing cheeky about applying for a job, it's a financial transaction, you've got the skills they will pay for if they decide you're who they need.

Just apply, you've got nothing to lose!

daisychain01 Sat 24-Feb-18 08:33:41

Ive working with someone who has worked for the company about 5 or 6 times. She keeps coming back on short or medium term assignments and also had her own business. Nobody thinks twice about it, they like having her back again!

hennessythegreat Sat 24-Feb-18 11:29:19

Thanks everyone. I'll apply then, and discuss the hours at interview if I get one. At least they'll be forewarned... Appreciate the encouragement.
This has made me realise how much I dislike my present job, as the thought of being there indefinitely made my heart sink! Crossing everything now.

daisychain01 Sat 24-Feb-18 12:10:39

Nice one!

hennessythegreat Tue 27-Feb-18 21:46:00

She gave me the heads up I've got an interview next week! still not sure about hours etc but maybe we can work something out. Not been at my current job long at all, not feeling proud of giving up so soon/letting people down. But I was very happy in my old job, I just felt like I fitted in (less money, but much happier).

hennessythegreat Wed 28-Feb-18 07:22:43

Have a one to one with current boss coming up. I don't want it to come as a shock if I leave, I feel I should be open about the interview but on the other hand if we can't work out hours etc it won't happen so the sensible thing is to keep quiet.

DelphiniumBlue Wed 28-Feb-18 07:26:16

Don't say anything to new boss until you have had an offer ! Do you really need to tell them about the interview?

newmumwithquestions Wed 28-Feb-18 07:33:24

Do not bring it up at interview.

Discuss once you have the job offer.

itstimeforanamechange Wed 28-Feb-18 09:09:18

Do not worry about it being a shock if you leave. Employers do not care about their staff and would get rid of you tomorrow if it suited them so don't give it a second's thought if you get another job you will be happier in. Don't mention it to your current boss unless and until you have a written job offer.

hennessythegreat Wed 28-Feb-18 18:22:00

I won't mention it, you're right. Current boss is OK but mostly it's a couple of people I support and colleagues I care about letting down - and there's no doubt it will let them down, it's a hard job to recruit to. Who knows it might turn out there are other sound candidates for the other job with much more flexibility than I have about working hours. Had a bit of a better day at current job, ironically. Thanks for all the advice much appreciated.

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