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Have you ever left a new job after one day?

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IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Mon 12-Feb-18 16:24:59

I've been cleaning in a factory for the past 8 years, it's closing so I had to leave.

I went for an interview Friday at a care home, started today, cleaning.

Firstly my DBS hasn't come back yet I was left on my own the whole time with the residents alone in their rooms, I could have been anyone. They are vulnerable people.

Secondly, it's vile. The whole place is just pure filth. I don't just mean the spit everywhere but also old stale piss in the carpets and dried on shit up the walls etc... I did what I had to do today but in the time frame I have there's no way to get it all done, it needs a proper industrial deep clean.

Thirdly I was in the garden when a big dog appears. I am terrified of dogs since once bit my Mum as a kid when we were out. Apparently it belongs to a staff member and is there every day and it loves all the residents and they love him... Well, said dog comes up to me looking pissed off, I didn't know what to do I needed to get passed. The owner appears and says he's ok, don't touch his head but you can stroke him. Went to stroke him so he knew I was ok but he went for my hand. A big snarl and snapping of teeth. Owner flew over and ushered it inside while it barked and howled to get back out, at me! She says he's never done that before.... hmmmmm.

Fourthly, the Manager doesnt do a rota it's up to the other cleaner and me to work out our shifts. He tells me I'm off Thursday and Friday and working all weekend and then the full week after. Says he never works Sundays as he likes a roast dinner at home... Oh, ok....

Fifthly, there is no where to store my coat and bag other than the shed in the garden. My diabetes meter was in there. I went to check my blood but couldn't because the meter was too cold to perform a test as it was in minus conditions!!! I needed to know how much insulin to take. I had to warm it up for 5 mins under my armpit.

I have no other job to go to I just can't go back. I am going to go into town tomorrow and sign up with some agencies for temp work, hoping they can find me something.

To be honest I just needed a big rant. I feel so sorry for the residents at that place.

purpleunicorns Mon 12-Feb-18 16:28:21

If it's that filthy I'd be reporting it. As for wether or not you should leave is a different matter. Can you afford to leave? Do you have anything else lined up? If you don't need the job then I think I would leave and tell them exactly why you aren't coming back

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Mon 12-Feb-18 16:37:54

I am going to report it. They have just recently had an inspection and everything came back as 'good'... I don't know how.

Yeah, I do need it I guess. I have my old cleaning company trying to get me something that's near by I'm just waiting for the OK which I should receive by tomorrow. A few agencies have emailed me with cleaning jobs in the past few weeks so I think if I go in and see them I should get something.

MistressDeeCee Mon 12-Feb-18 16:43:00

Yes, years ago left a job after 1 day. Horrible atmosphere, stressed staff, and a horrid manager who talked in a low angry monotone. I didn't even last till 5pm I thought sod this, I'm off.

In the 1st instance OP I wouldn't be around any vulnerable children or adults without a DBS. Not unless I was supervised at all times.

If anything goes wrong re safeguarding, accidents, etc you're leaving yourself wide open to allegations.

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Mon 12-Feb-18 16:47:27

Thank you, yes that's what I thought with regards to safeguarding and allegations. A resident told me there was a high turn over of staff when he asked my name. I'm not surprised. The atmosphere was off here too with the workers. Nothing sat right at all. I came home and had a steaming hot bath and my clothes are on a boil wash.

mumofthemonsters808 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:51:01

I find it very alarming about the dog running riot, it could easily knock one of the residents over and it's highly unlikely they would recover from a fall.The standards of hygiene sound awful and below par.The most worrying of the lot is that you were allowed unsupervised access to a vulnerable group of people.

I'd report all of my concerns, i wouldn't go back, I couldn't be associated with the place, I need to sleep at night and id be worrying myself senseless.

Blerg Mon 12-Feb-18 16:56:09

Yes, I left a cafe in a well known tourist attraction after one day. The hygiene standards were not great and the staff were unfriendly. I was a student though, and I didn't rely on the money too much.

I'd be careful if you need to money, and would look for work before jumping ship unless you can afford an earnings gap.

And once gone I would report, it sounds horrible.

TeddyIsaHe Mon 12-Feb-18 17:04:12

Please for God’s sake report this to CQC. People do not deserve to live in homes like you have described, and they are unable to do anything about it themselves. You have to advocate on their behalf. Report tonight.

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Mon 12-Feb-18 17:18:59

They don't deserve this, you're right, it was horrible.
Their bed linen was thin, dirty, pillows that were god knows how long.
I am going to report it. I'm going to do it tonight. I'm just going to write up everything I saw that was wrong today first before I forget.

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Mon 12-Feb-18 17:19:48

how old, not long

NewYearNiki Mon 12-Feb-18 17:22:56

The owner appears and says he's ok, don't touch his head but you can stroke him

I hate that. I had that with a dog owner once. Growling and snarling at me and they thought it funny.

They said it is because he knows you're scared, just show fear. hmm

How about you control your vile creature instead

I wouldnt stay there

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Mon 12-Feb-18 19:24:12

Yes, they later said it's because he knew I was scared and youre meant to show them who is boss. I didn't realise that was in my job description.... Also, i wasn't boss I was/am scared of dogs so I couldn't hide my fear if I tried.

retirednow Mon 12-Feb-18 20:03:13

You had an interview on Friday and you started today, thats really quick. Dbs should have come through first, and you should have had some training, it sounds awful. Who are you going to report it to.

BakedBeans47 Mon 12-Feb-18 23:38:53

If you managed to get this job quickly, hopefully something else will come up. I wouldn’t go back but I would report it. Those poor residents sad

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Tue 13-Feb-18 05:41:15

The CQC and also it's council run so the council.

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Tue 13-Feb-18 05:43:46

Yes I feel so bad for them having to live there. There not really old not that that makes a difference but some are, most are mobile but still vulnerable people. I was also vulnerable going into their rooms alone. I don't know what they like and don't like. One resident insisted I cleaned her carpet several times due to KFC crumbs. There were no crumbs but I kept doing as she said as I didn't want to challenge her as I don't know if it's safe to do so so I just did it. She was happy with the job in the end though! Gave me a high five.

retirednow Tue 13-Feb-18 11:52:42


retirednow Tue 13-Feb-18 11:55:22

Posted too soon, poor residents, they deserve better and so do you, have you found another job.

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Tue 13-Feb-18 15:31:37

Hope so @retirednow I have an interview tomorrow. Cleaning in a Hotel, hopefully less wee in the lifts and no dogs!

The care home manager was begging me to stay when I told her I wasn't coming back. I just don't understand her.

I've done some digging and have seen she's upset someone else recently and they're reporting her to the CQC and now with my complaint surely someone should look into things. I hope so anyway.

PoisonousSmurf Tue 13-Feb-18 15:35:39

Find some nicer jobs here:

I don't blame you for walking out! Sounds vile. I worked in as a carer and the state of some houses was vomit inducing.

IdRatherHaveABowlOfCocoPops Tue 13-Feb-18 15:48:50

Thank you for the link I'll def have a look on there.

This was most def vomit inducing and I usually have a very strong stomach for this sort of thing.

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