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TaylaJade155 Mon 12-Feb-18 06:59:10

I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant, with my first child. A little girl.
I work in a supported living home for woman with mental health.
I've had a risk assessment for the things I can't do that my job entails. Other support staff aren't impressed that they have to do more work.

I'm having problems with one lady I support. Everytime she sees me or we pass in the corridor, she'll barge into me or push me. It's just me she's doing it too. I've had a word with my team leader and all she says is she's jealous.
I know it's a petty thing to get upset about, but she's now started to make comments along the lines of 'shame anything would be to happen!' and then walk off laughing. When management ask her why she'll deny all knowledge.

I know it's my fault for working in a place where I do have to care for mental health, none of my other ladies are like her. It's ever since news of my pregnancy got out she's been like it.
This woman is violent and has been known to hit out before.
It's getting to the point where i'm worried and scared to go to work. Over the weekend I found out I'm having a little girl and she made the comment 'only if it comes out alive you will be.'
I'm usually a strong person and I can handle the comments but lately I find myself having to go sit in my car for a few minutes to compose myself.

The only thing keeping me going is the money, I've been offered to be signed off sick by my doctor for awhile but my work place only pay bare minimum. My workplace is one of them places where they want proof I'm pregnant or proof I'm going for a maternity appointment. They've stopped me going to a midwife appointment before, I asked to leave fifteen minutes before I finished and came in half an hour early, but stopped me leaving because they thought id made the appointment card myself.

I'm writing this post to ask for ideas and help of what I can do.
I'm aware it's sounds pretty silly but I'm on my own and have no idea what to do or who to turn to.
Thank you.

Fosterdog123 Mon 12-Feb-18 07:14:00

Firstly, you don't sound even remotely silly. You have a perfectly legitimate concern. It's not your fault either for working in the job you do. You do a very worthwhile job that not many people could do. It's time to stand up for yourself though! Your primary concern is your welfare and that of the baby. Do you feel strong enough to sit down again with a manager and tell them what this woman has said/threatened and insist it's the truth no matter what they say? You do have choices and options but you probably won't like them. If it was me, I'd send an email to them, laying out what's been happening and ask them to take action. If they do, great. If they don't/won't, go off sick. God forbid if anything were to happen, it's all there in writing and for what it's worth, I'd sue the arse off them. Health and safety law is very much on your side and they have a duty of care.

TaylaJade155 Mon 12-Feb-18 07:52:36

Thank you for what your saying, i've written down everything word for word what she's saying and all the management say is well she's jealous and we've asked and she's denying everything. With my job they take what the service users say as the truth.
I'm at the point now where I have to stop myself from snapping and loosing my job, it's hard.
Today I'm on a 14 hour shift and I'll be going to see my manager again, it's just getting repetitive with it, but I'm making sure after every thing she says or does is all recorded and management have been made aware.
I'm going to write an email to my head office, as I've been researching laws and health and safety and at the moment I do not feel safe in my workplace.
I say I feel silly writing this because I shared my concerns with staff members and they just said I'm being silly and I need to be more professional, which is why I turned to this website.
Thank you again.

Fosterdog123 Mon 12-Feb-18 08:25:24

Do not let them brush you away by saying you're silly. They won't think you're silly when you take them to court and sue them! They only ones not being professional are them. I'm glad you're reading up on it - knowledge is power! Do you have anyone in work who you trust and is confident and not afraid to speak up? If so, take them into the meeting with you. Speak to acas too and get their advice.

TaylaJade155 Mon 12-Feb-18 19:05:22

I think im gonna have to go to acas or citizens advice or something.
I've been on shift today and Ive got no where.
I told my manager how unsafe I feel and how at the minute my only priority is my baby. The response I got was 'shes just jealous.' my reply what are you going to do about my safety? To which they said nothing.
Ive refused to work with this service user, the management then decided to broadcast to everyone that they now have more work to do because of me.
I never believed all the stories my friends told me about how different your treated at work when your pregnant until now!

Rainboho Mon 12-Feb-18 19:13:07

This is completely unacceptable and I say that as someone who worked on an acute inpatient mental health ward whilst pregnant.

Does the person making the threats have a care co-ordinator? Are they aware of these threats? This is very serious and I know its easy for me to say, but I would have to be signed off sick. You have to prioritise yourself.

MaderiaCycle Mon 12-Feb-18 19:20:19

Are you in a union?

ApacheEchidna Mon 12-Feb-18 19:39:03

So sorry that you are in this position. Your employers sound rubbish.

This service user is know to be violent and has threatened you several times. You need to insist that your risk-assessment is redone stating that you must not be given duties which place you near this woman who is endangering you and your baby.

They can give you other duties so you won't be slacking - it doesn't have to mean anyone else doing more work, just a different sharing of duties.

TaylaJade155 Mon 12-Feb-18 19:41:50

Im in unison and I've contacted them today.
The woman got placed in our care two years ago from a secure unit, the mental health teams have all discharged her and basically been left in our care. I do understand that yes she has mental health and yes she has had problems with her children, but I've worked in this sector long enough to know when they play on it.
I don't want to seem like I'm giving up, I love my job and the majority of my ladies I support, I've always done the extra shifts and shifts no one wants. Now I'm focusing on myself and I'm not standing for it any longer. Ive spoke to my midwife at my last appointment and she said to make a diary of when and what she says and what management says.

BakedBeans47 Mon 12-Feb-18 19:44:48

Jeez OP that’s horrendous.

You can’t be expected to put up with this. Go to your bosses, tomorrow, and explain that this workplace is not safe, cannot be made safe, and they either need to find you alternative duties which are safe or suspend you on full pay for the rest of the pregnancy.

This might help

TaylaJade155 Mon 12-Feb-18 19:58:48

Thank you, I'll have a read.
I think manager is a.little bit sick of me lately. Before I go I like to make sure I know the laws and health and safety so they can't brush me off.

Moonflower12 Mon 12-Feb-18 21:12:43

Also, legally they can't stop you having time off for ante-natal appointments etc.

Devilishpyjamas Fri 16-Feb-18 00:25:15

Did you get anywhere.

My son is severely learning disabled and can be physical when distressed. As soon as people are known to be pregnant they cannot work with him (or others like him). You’re not being stupid. They are being negligent if you are being threatened and with a history of violence.

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