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Have you survived redundancy but in a new team?

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grumpy4squash Sun 11-Feb-18 21:38:21

Did you end up in a new team with a new manager. What was your experience? What could your new manager have done to make it easier/better? What was the worst thing about it?

I won't be drip feeding or giving lots of detail (too outing), but I am the new manager in this scenario - first time this has happened - could do with some hints and tips.

whitecremeegg Sun 11-Feb-18 23:03:23

I got demoted and a colleague became my manager. She's a bloody awful manager and that's not because of the situation, she's just simply too emotional and too controlling to be a good manager.

The whole restructure and demotion was badly handled - the interview process was so rushed, there wasn't enough time to prepare or adjust to the situation.

The new job isn't what I wanted to do, similar but not what I absolutely used to love doing and I have grief for that old job which no longer exists.

I'm also angry that some new colleagues joined the team as part of the restructure who have/had zero experience of the job but because of union stuff and the loss of their jobs elsewhere, they were brought into my team and I'm at the same level of grade and pay as them even though I'm much more experienced and qualified.

So good luck! I doubt you'll make them happy. I only stay because it's public sector and comparable jobs have much less pay and benefits. I'm trapped in a shitty situation.

EBearhug Mon 12-Feb-18 08:48:36

I only stay because it's public sector and comparable jobs have much less pay and benefits.

The reason I wouldn't go back to the public sector unless I was absolutely desperate is because I can get much better pay and benefits in the private sector for my IT role.

Back to the OP - I think it's like building any other team, however the people come to be there. You might have people with particular resentments because of having been redeployed or because of perceived unfairnesses in pay, but it's still about dealing with different personalities and skill sets, seeing if training is needed to fill knowledge gaps and so on.

Teams mostly do adapt and survive. I'm not sure they all do it well, but some definitely do. It can be that being moved to a new team gives greater opportunities for some people. So I guess your job is to make people recognise the positives and see how they can all work together.

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