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Working in the legal sector and owner of firm is making my days miserable

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najsubtle Sat 10-Feb-18 14:37:13

Hi All

New on here so hope there's someone who is legally qualified to answer my question. I have just passed my 3-month probationary period in a small, city law firm. I have also been given a pay-rise. All sounds great but one of the partners is a bully and constantly berates me and uses undermining tactics to try to demoralise me. He asks me into his office and keeps me waiting without even turning round and then complains about the size of the post-it notes I use to mark files. I have tried ignoring him when he's trying to be condescending but it's getting me down. I have suffered with anxiety and stress for years and I am not sure if I can take much more. Can anyone help please? He has apparently behaved in a similar way to other females in the past -- most of whom have left. I am looking for another job but I can't bear to have to go back to it all again next week. Thank you.

daisychain01 Sun 11-Feb-18 09:34:30

You've been at the company such a short period of time, I'd cut and run. If your boss is arrogant like that now, after only a couple of months, he won't get any better. Focus your energy on getting a new role and try not to let him get to you. Only deal with him when absolutely necessary, hey, if he needs larger postit notes give him what he wants if it keeps him off your back smile

I wouldn't recommend any legal action, your ability to prove he is discriminating against you because you're a woman isn't even worth starting, why put yourself thru even more anxiety and cost?

If it gets unbearable could you put the feelers out for temp work?

najsubtle Sun 11-Feb-18 14:07:36

Thank you daisychain01. Good advice. 🙂

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