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Civil Servant newbie

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strawberrysmiles Fri 09-Feb-18 18:09:07

So I've been a civil servant since October. Transferred to my new site last month, I was doing well they said, then today I get told I'm missing some parts of my work and I'm not as efficient as I have been. Now I'm terrified of losing my job even though it's not even been mentioned. I've been coached to exactly how I need to sort it all out and manager said she's confident I'll get everything done by end of Monday but now I'll be stuck all weekend worried... sorry I'm being vague by anxiety is preventing me from making sense ... does it sound like I'm
Going to fail my probation?

Thanks guys

daisychain01 Fri 09-Feb-18 18:32:14

If you joined in October, your probation in CS being 6 months, it won't be up until March.

It sounds like you have a super supportive manager who is giving you plenty of time to address any issues, within your probation, so that you have time to do the needful.

ime, CS managers generally follow HR and employment process almost to the letter, so your manager giving you a nudge hopefully is part of that process. Think in terms of they aren't going out of their way to fail you, they'd rather see you succeed.

Did they tell you the sort of things you need to improve on? Are they small things or show stoppers?

strawberrysmiles Fri 09-Feb-18 18:45:39

All the things I need to improve on are small things that I've very little experience in dealing with. And she acknowledged that too, she already said I was going to pass my probation last week but because I've had an informal chat with her guiding me on how to
Work moving forward my anxiety has just decided I'm gonna lose my job...

LadyLapsang Fri 09-Feb-18 23:14:59

Try not to worry. Your manager has already told you that you are on track to pass probation. Even if there were problems it would be likely your probation would be extended so you had the opportunity to demonstrate you could do the job. Relax, enjoy your weekend, and then go in on Monday and tackle the things you need to do. If you need a coach or some support - ask.

daisychain01 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:13:37

If you can, focus on your manager signalling that she aims to pass your promotion. That's a great achievement when you have had to get used to processes and work practices you're not familiar.

I know it's easy to say try not to worry, but honestly you'll be fine smile and use it as a learning experience to improve and grow in your role. If you can proactively think of ways to improve, try doing that anyway then you'll have plenty to talk about during quarterly reviews. It will show you're ahead of the game.

daisychain01 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:14:27

Sorry autocorrect gone mad, probation not promotion

Unsure123123 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:20:37

Think you'll be ok! They're just trying to keep you on track and prevent bad habits. Try your best and do what they say. If your unsure it's better to ask than make mistakes.

strawberrysmiles Sat 10-Feb-18 09:19:00

Thank you so much for all of your replies, it's definitely put things in perspective and I know I can do what's required, I have a bad habit of thinking the worst.

It's probably because I'm about to start divorce proceedings and having 2 girls under 3 is a handful! smile

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