Too old for my job?

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Murphymoo123 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:11:41

I work as a sales executive in a health club, I have been in the industry since I was 18 starting as a life guard but I’m 45 next year and I feel like I’m too old to be doing it now, all the people are younger than me and I feel a bit silly. The thing is it’s sll I’ve ever done, I have looked at a few jobs online but they all say you need experience so I’m worried if I leave I’ll have nothing to do, any help?

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Lastoftheusernames Tue 06-Feb-18 16:16:10

Can you not move into sales in a different environment?

By the way, this does not mean I agree you should feel silly. Surely a lot of the customers are your age or older?

Murphymoo123 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:33:23

The customers are all ages but all the staff are young especially the personal trainers I just feel like such an oddball!

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LadyB49 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:38:20

I am sure that many customers are more than very pleased to see 'someone of your age'. I know that I would be. Don't put yourself down.

Springtrolls Tue 06-Feb-18 16:44:55

I'm not saying you are too old.
Your skills are transferable though to other industries in sales.

Springtrolls Tue 06-Feb-18 16:49:34

Oh and my personal trainer is a bit older than me and I'm in my 40's. I was really lucky to be matched with him after the previous one left. I have learned more from him than I did the less experienced person. There's a waiting list for him and another experienced pt.

borlottibeans Tue 06-Feb-18 16:57:12

If you're happy to stay in sales there are about a million options open to you where you wouldn't be the oldest at all. I do b2b sales for a manufacturer of something bespoke, and as a thirty-something am a baby in my (tiny so must remain vague sorry) industry.

LadyLapsang Tue 06-Feb-18 19:58:53

I would have thought your health club would be delighted to have someone with such great experience working for them. Why do you feel silly?

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