Redeployment and redundancy

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wantmorenow Wed 31-Jan-18 17:40:05

Following some of the recent threads on here I would love some advice please. I raised a grievance in early 2017, was put on capability in May (no previous issues, no warnings, no substance to it but it was railroaded through and my evidence to support my position was not even considered by HR), it was signed off as completed in June 2017 (nothing confirmed in writing of course). Grievance concluded and apparently I haven't been bullied, It's a clash of personalities. I was informed I would be redeployed as of August 2017. My new role was 'discussed' with me but I was informed of it and told it was non-negotiable.

New role is not doing what I was employed to do, I no longer teach at all, all other staff in the dept have completely different contracts to me, different pension provider and I am paid probably 50% more than them. I have very little to actually do - it's like they created a role for me out of a very part time role. I'm bored, miss my career and feel a fraud as others work so hard at their roles and I am trying to look busy and spin out tasks. (No I cannot help them as we have responsibility for a portfolio of work as cannot delegate or reassign tasks to others).

I am honestly baffled by my situation now. Can they make me redundant? Can I ask for a role that better reflects my contract? They held a 'review' of how well it was going but it was actually HR bitch from hell woman telling me that I was not allowed to go to my former site of employment without prior notice and 'permission' as I may upset the colleague I raised grievance against! My feelings, issues and concerns were dismissed. And no they won't put this restriction on my movements in writing either.

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