Part time work and hospital appointments

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newyearnewname18 Sun 14-Jan-18 11:25:14

As a part time employee you can't be treated differently re. benefits as a full time employee.

If you don't have a choice about the days/times of appts (which is likely given it's at a hospital clinic) then it's unfortunate but bad luck for work.

That you are worried about it to me says you are a diligent employee and I'd hope your employee recognises this quality as well and will be fine with it.

EilaLila Sun 14-Jan-18 11:21:44


I’ve changed my days around. According to policy, as I have a disability and these are disability related, I am allowed time off but I didn’t feel comfortable with doing this.

Unfortunately, I cannot make appts at times to suit me. I am under the care of very busy, pressured hospital clinics and have no flexibility. I need these appts. It’s ok though, I’ve managed to sort things. smile

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Ihatemarmite123 Sun 14-Jan-18 00:37:09

I work with a part timer who does 2 days per week. We cant swap days or make time up in our job. Every appointment she has she makes in work time as we get paid for them. I'd move days around if I was you. I try and make appointments as late in the day as possible.

AuditAngel Fri 12-Jan-18 06:38:28

Talk to your employer. Informal policy is to provide paid time off for appointments, and you manage to schedule the majority of appointments to non-working days, then it seems fair to be allowed those you can't change.

Officially, I have to make up tine for appointments, but often work additional hours test are unoaid (director) so I consider my work load at the relevant time. However, my firm is flexible and compassionate, when my mum was rushed into hospital last month, not only did she tell me to go to my mum, take the time I needed, when I went to send an email to apologise for missing a scheduled meeting, she had already explained that I was unlikely to make it.

EilaLila Thu 11-Jan-18 22:22:10

Thank you for your reply. I will change my working days on those weeks because fortunately, I am able to but I was curious how it works in terms of what of one week I can’t.

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wowbutter Thu 11-Jan-18 19:55:15

I see if I can change the day to a non irking day I thought eating another million weeks. If they can, great. If they can't, work let's me go.

EilaLila Thu 11-Jan-18 19:53:29

I have only recently reduced my hours and this is new to me. As a full time employee, I had my hospital appointments as paid time off. I have a disability and my appointments are directly related to that. Now I am part time, how does it work? I’ve just had a couple of letters through the post and typically, they’re on my working days. Do I request time off as before or do I have to swap my non working days that week? I don’t want to take the mick but it’s not always easy for me to swap my working days around. Thanks.

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