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Career coaches? Anyone used them?

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PassTheSatsumas Thu 11-Jan-18 18:04:02

Just that really - has anyone used one/got a recco for a good one (London)

I could use help in:
Cv, interview

Working out what I'd like from a job

Alternatively, if you think it's money for old rope, pls tell me why!

Thanks so much smile

MrsMargoLeadbetter Thu 11-Jan-18 23:50:30

I used one this time last year. Wanted to get out of freelancing.

She really helped me come up with a plan of action.

I only applied for 3 jobs and was offered interviews for 2 of them following her support on my CV & applications.

I identified getting recent senior experience on my CV was a priority. So I pitched to a freelance client to go PAYE into a senior role and they agreed, which is where I am now.

I would heartily recommend Sarah - PM if you want to.

Good luck.

PassTheSatsumas Fri 12-Jan-18 08:32:46

Thanks Margot! V encouragingsmile

EBearhug Sat 13-Jan-18 01:31:10

Yes. I think it will help to know what you want to achieve first, so you know where you want to focus. (e.g. get a promotion, failing to get interviews with current CV, change of career to a different field.)

I was looking at things like what I value in a job (trust and mental stimulation are both high for me; others could have money, or hierarchical success, whatever,) and looked back through all jobs (even teenage Saturday jobs,) to pick out which aspects I was good at and enjoyed, and which I really didn't want. This helped build up an ideal job profile, which turned out to be not so different from what I already did, but with different people.

I got mine through my union, which meant I had a discount. Can't remember the name offhand, and I'm not checking at this time of night. The employee assistance programme at my current employer also offers careers counselling, but I haven't used it to know whe there you have to pay some or all of the costs yourself, nor the details of what you get.

PassTheSatsumas Sat 13-Jan-18 10:50:55

Thank you for your reply - do you think it helped you make a different decision about which job to take?

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