2 holidays per month?

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CBAforThis Tue 09-Jan-18 23:42:41

Horrah! I haven't started my new job yet, and I didn't want to ask at my interview (i'm very very into travelling and didn't want to look like I was planning my next adventure) but in the info pack it says i'll get two days off a month? It's also a year contract if that makes a difference.

'2 days holiday per full calendar month worked over the period of employment'.

So does that mean I'll get 24 days off a year to take when I like, or does that mean I'll literally get two extra days off a month, or in 6 months I can take up to 12 days off?

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GreenTulips Tue 09-Jan-18 23:50:01

You can take them when ever according to work pattern/need

They will deduct and 'difference' in holiday/pay of younleave the company with too much holiday taken

Ie if after 3 months you have taken 10 days leave and you're only entitled to 6 you will lose 4 days pay effectively

southboundagain Tue 09-Jan-18 23:53:13

I'd read it as 24 days off total if you work 12 months, but I wouldn't be certain it would be "to take when I like" as employers are allowed to limit how much time you take in one go, specify when you take it, or put restrictions on specific months (e.g. retail usually has restricted leave in December).

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