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daisychain01 Wed 03-Jan-18 14:50:35

Apart from this current period of absence, is your previous attendance record good?

It would be best if you can return to work and then start applying for new jobs rather than doing it while you're already off sick, due to the problem you are now encountering re having to defend your current sickness absence.

Rosey94 Wed 03-Jan-18 13:26:04

Can someone please help....
I went back to work in Sept from Maternity leave and was having extreme anxiety about leaving my little one. I wanted to do just nights as I knew would I would cope much better and my partner would be looking after little one rather than him going to strangers.

They started off by giving me nights which I was handling fine after a few weeks in, then all of a sudden they switched me to days and I just thought that I would try them out rather than causing issues with manager.

Anyway I couldn't do it... I cried and as the day shifts came closer my anxiety got worse and worse. I wasn't sleeping and was having panic attacks! I went to the doctor and she just signed me off.
I have been off for 4 weeks so far but while I have been off another job has come up offering me oermenant nights.
But they aren't going to take me on once they get my reference from my current employer saying im off sick?

What do I do? Everytime I try to ring my current employer to speak to her she is too busy.

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