Redundancy and early pregnancy

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Needingahandhold76 Tue 02-Jan-18 14:49:47

Hi all,

I’m looking for a little advice.
Last July I was issued redundancy as the service I work for was earmarked for closure (run by a charity but funding from local authority). Life has been a bit of a nightmare since then as the original date of closure was pushed and then pushed again due to the local authority requesting an extension. Originally October, then January and now the date we have is May. It is still very up in air whether the service will remain open past this date, for another extension or even permanently as contracts are being negotiated, but either way, I have my official notice of redundancy.

I’ve since found out I am pregnant and due early August, so still fairly early but I’m trying to put a plan in place for all of this as my original plan of for finding alternative employment could now be up in the air if I’m heavily pregnant.

I’m aware that being made redundant 15 weeks before my due date my employer has to pay me maternity. But does this start right away from when I am made redundant? I have also been with my existing employer for many years which makes me eligible for their enhanced package, which isn’t much extra but it’s something. By law, would they pay the enhanced package or would it just be the standard?

I have yet to officially notify my employer of my pregnancy, but I’m hoping to just be a little prepared for what I should push for, or even expect. Up until now, they have been very fair with the redundancy offers so I have no reason to believe they will be trying to cheat me out of anything. I’m stupidly not in the union, so unfortunately I can’t go to them for advice at this stage. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I’m so clueless to this.

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Needingahandhold76 Tue 02-Jan-18 16:34:31


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Panda81 Tue 09-Jan-18 14:50:24

I can't answer on enhanced maternity pay, I think that might depend on your employment contract.

However SMP will be paid as a lump sum with your redundancy/notice pay following termination.

They would offset SMP and notice pay though, so you don't get both.

E.g if your notice period is 3 months, you would get 3 months full pay instead of 3 months SMP. Then SMP will be paid for the remainder of the statutory period.

I got made redundant just a few weeks before my due date. It was a horrible time. But I'm actually financially better off for it so it was a blessing in disguise.

Hope you get some answers soon. Must be horrid having it dragged out this long

Needingahandhold76 Wed 10-Jan-18 21:47:25

That’s great thanks so much for sharing your experience.

This is likely a stupid question, but if I get my lump sum SMP, does this prevent me from finding a new job sooner than when I would have been returning to my job had it still been there?

I’m so useless with all this, I really have no idea and because everything is still so up in the air with my work and the “potential” redundancy it’s difficult to plan ahead and know what to expect.

I would not be eligible for them paying my notice period as they have given plenty notice for us being made redundant, even though this could be withdrawn at a later date should they resolve the issues.

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Panda81 Thu 11-Jan-18 00:14:40

It doesn't affect finding another job, so it can work out better if you go back to work earlier than the full 39 weeks SMP, you still keep the money 😊

It does affect being able to claim income support though. I got a few weeks IS when I was still pregnant but then it stopped. I queried it and they said it was because I got SMP paid, it's one or the other. This frustrated me because I wasn't able to claim working tax credits as I was no longer employed, but wasn't able to claim IS either.

In terms of your notice period I don't think it matters they have given you a heads up. The notice period can only be confirmed once they have a termination date. Otherwise what would stop them from saying - you are being made redundant Monday but we told you last year so we gave you plenty of notice - it doesn't work like that.

If the date they give you is shorter than your notice period then they have to pay you your notice (payment in lieu of notice)

Needingahandhold76 Fri 12-Jan-18 04:47:31

Thank you panda, you have been so helpful.

I am currently not eligible for income support, and would be unlikely to qualify for any other benefits as my partner has a fair wage.

It would be unlikely they make us redundant before the date they have given, however if in the case it does happen I will remember that for notice periods. I feel it is more likely they extend our redundancy date again, but the company have been more than fair and honoured their redundancy offer for those who have not wished to stay on.

I’ll have a few more questions for my employer directly when the time comes as my situation is very individual that I am currently in a temporary role (promoted from previous position due to staff leaving and needing to fill gap temporarily until they could formally recruit) however the initial three months was entended again and again and I have now been in the position for over a year. The company have been more than fair and offered my redundancy based on the new position, rather than my old salary, so I’d imagine they would do the same with regards to the maternity pay I should receive. I understand this is very specific to my situation, so no one may have the answer whether this would be the case, but I have trust in my employer in being fair. I have scoured both the company’s redundancy and maternity procedures but there is no mention of what happens in my situation.

But thank you again for your fantastic advice panda, you have been more thN helpful.

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JoJoSM2 Wed 28-Feb-18 23:25:01

Any enhanced maternity pay is based on your current situation and not last year. Also, you can trust your employer not to want to screw you over but it pays to know the rules to make sure HR and you are on the same page.

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