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mammasmadhouse Fri 29-Dec-17 15:20:01

I have been in my current role for 8 months and took a slight drop for this role as it was new and was an opportunity to build the role into something unique and despite enjoying my previous role there were a number of toxic working relationships which impacted on my role and my sense of well being, in hindsight I do miss the job/pay but I don't regret leaving it was what I needed. However 8 months into my new role and I have undertaken a number of tasks/projects that have been beyond my grade, which was fine as these were aspects I hadn't done before so was a good learning opportunity and of course I am keen to make my mark. The team I work with seem really nice but there have been a couple of instances recently which I have had to explain the right way that these should be dealt with and it didn't go down well and I have felt a bit pushed out I guess. The main team work in a separate office and are all higher graded than me, and I am not the most confident person but if something isn't right I will say, but I just feel slightly unnerved by it, not sure why? My line manager has said that he supports me 100% but I am just not sure. The work the team do is fab but I think management wise they are pretty much left to their own devices, which is not necessarily a bad thing but they are lacking direction I suppose, so I guess I am saying its not what I thought?? My LM did say when I first started that they put forward funds for my post to be higher graded and so there was some scope for this to be reviewed, at my 6 month review this was discussed and it was agreed that I would review/revise my JD which I have done but my LM has said it will be looked at feb/march time next year and yet out of all the post holders in the different regions I am the lowest graded but we do the same role?? Am I right to feel slightly duped?? or am I just overthinking??

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JustHereForThePooStories Fri 29-Dec-17 15:34:02

I work in HR and do a lot on org design, and Comp & Bens. We have a very formal grading structure, that links to salary, bonus, and pay progression.

I’m very wary of line managers who tell employees to “rewrite their own job description”. To me, that’s code for the manager not knowing what the person actually does, and doesn’t support an increase so will let the employee do all the work blindly/without support and, when a role isn’t regraded, gives the manager the ability to say “oh well, I supported it but HR said no”.

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