Regret leaving old company - what to do next?

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eurochick Wed 27-Dec-17 15:36:52

Everywhere I have worked has had the odd returner. It's not uncommon.

SingSam Wed 27-Dec-17 15:25:50

don't worry about what other people think

we have had 2 people return who left our company in the last year

be honest, just say you missed working there, you felt your opportunities were limited in your old role so you took another one

now this new job has come up and it gives you a different role and something you'd be keen to try

just accentuate all the positives - it's often a relief for employers to get employees who culturally fit in and they know you do as you worked there before. You may need to reassure them that you aren't just going to up and leave again.

they may ask you why you want to leave the new role so blame the commute - most people understand that!

ATeardropExplodes Wed 27-Dec-17 15:23:20

Has anyone ever tried to return to their old company, either in the same or a different role?

Yes, I went back after about a decade. It was fine - weird but fine.

eurochick Wed 27-Dec-17 15:23:12

Go for it. You liked your old job, just not the manager. Here's a chance to go back for a different manager. That's great! Don't think of it in terms of not being able to hack London. Think of it in terms of getting a permanent rather than contract role and getting rid of a shitty commute.

Meerschweinchen1990 Wed 27-Dec-17 15:19:59

I worked for five years in the same admin role. In the last year, my line manager (for reasons still unknown) began to make my working life very difficult. There was no potential movement, either up or sideways, at the time, and I was getting desperately unhappy. However, I was also lucky in that I had a number of friends who also worked there and a fairly good social life outside of work.

In the summer, on a whim, I applied for and got a year long contracted admin role in a similar industry in London (where I live currently is a large-ish town, not super exciting). I didn't think things through very well and I rushed into handing my notice in at my old job and started commuting to London. However, the new role has not been what I expected, it is a step down from the responsibilities I had in my previous job, and basically involves a lot of printing out documents, scanning and emailing and/or posting them.

I don't feel like the job is worth the 4 hour daily commute, which I am also struggling with (early starts, ridiculously crowded tubes, stressful trying to get trains). I feel extremely overwhelmed by London, and I am reluctant to move there as I literally do not know a single person, apart from my new colleagues, who although nice are not interested in any type of socialising outside of work. All of my family and friends are back in my hometown.

I desperately miss working my old company, the commute was less than 10 minutes by car, and I miss seeing my friends at lunchtimes/after work at the pub.

Now a different role has come up at my old company, which would be the same pay grade I was previously on, but would be under a different line manager and totally different kind of work. However, I feel kind of embarrassed to attempt to return to a place I left less than six months ago, and I also feel like the people I used to work with will think I'm really pathetic for not being able to 'cope' with the London life. I'm really torn and I don't know what to do!

Has anyone ever tried to return to their old company, either in the same or a different role? What was your experience? Should I suck it up for the rest of the year contract and try to embrace London?

I know this is hypothetical as there's no guarantee I'd even be considered for interview. I am looking for some advice/experiences!

I'm sorry this is so long!

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