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Linked in - big mistake

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Kazarooney Sat 16-Dec-17 19:56:29

So my boss is very secretive about his private life never any mention on a partner . He left his phone charging on my desk and has a message come through from what was clearly a partner. Curiosity got the better of me and I googled the name and accidentally clicked on the linked in profile I wasn’t signed in s anonymous so his partner is going to know I looked at the profile. I deleted any reference to the current company I work at straight away so if the partner looked they would not see what company I worked for but do some people get an email alerting them when someone’s looked in which case my company would have been on there. This whole thing is making me sick imaginginf a conversation with my boss on Monday as to why I am checking out his partner on linked in! I’ve also now changed my profile to anonymous but is it too late...

allegretto Sat 16-Dec-17 20:01:37

Don't cover your tracks! That makes you look guilty. Just say it came up under "people you may know". Nobody is really clear on how that works!

wonkylegs Sat 16-Dec-17 20:03:58

I get million of 'someone is looking at your profile alerts' I tend to chuck them in the trash folder without even looking at them

Lilliepixie Sat 16-Dec-17 20:09:18

They won't get an email alert.
If they login they might look at who has looked at their profile.
If they see you and check out your profile you will be able to tell by who has looked at your profile.

Unless the partner has a specific conversation about who checked them out on LinkedIn, I doubt your boss would find out.
If someone I don't know checks me out, I don't ask everyone I know if they know them.

Aridane Sat 16-Dec-17 20:15:54

It,depends on your privacy settings as to whether or not the person you looked up can tell you viewed them (also on their privacy settings)

CharisMama Sat 16-Dec-17 20:20:26

Agree with asserting that 'she came up in people you may know'

Kazarooney Sat 16-Dec-17 20:30:02

Thanks I thought they might find it odd that someone from my bosses company was checking them out and therefore mention it

CharisMama Sat 16-Dec-17 20:35:48

Is your name common?
You could just kill your linkedin profile.

Bigfatpicnic Sat 16-Dec-17 20:57:34

Delete your profile if you are that worried.
I rarely check out who has viewed me, but it really depends on what is going on at the time. Part of my role involves recruiting, so if I am actively recruiting I get loads of views, from recruiters and applicants, but I don't check them all out as I am expecting it to happen iyswim.
LinkedIn stalking does leave a footprint of you haven't sorted your settings out.

AmeliaFlashtart Sun 17-Dec-17 08:54:16

Depends on her privacy settings, they have to be quite open to be able to view who has looked at you.

AmeliaFlashtart Sun 17-Dec-17 08:55:37

And just to add, the whole point of linked in is for people to look at others profiles so don't worry.

WipsGlitter Sun 17-Dec-17 09:06:14

Linked in is so shite. Does anyone really use it?

EBearhug Mon 18-Dec-17 11:40:04

Linked in is so shite. Does anyone really use it?

Yes. Have got more than one job through it, and often get recruiters contacting me. Maybe you need to improve your profile?

OP - what's most likely to happen is they get an update saying, "4 people have viewed your profile this week. Sign up to LinkedIn Premium to see who is looking at your profile."

PaperBagPrincesa Mon 18-Dec-17 16:26:53

The second I got my job I killed it. It's not like it got me a job when I was unemployed.

prh47bridge Mon 18-Dec-17 16:48:09

Unless she has a paid account she may not see that you've looked at her profile. Free accounts only get to see a small part of the list of visitors.

In the unlikely event that any questions are asked I agree with those who have suggested saying her profile came up in "people you may know".

Trills Mon 18-Dec-17 17:05:04

When you get an email from LinkedIn saying "people have been looking at your profile", do you click open the email?

And if you don't know the people, do you click on them and look at their job history to try to work out if they work with your DP?

No. You don't. And neither will this person.

DancingOnParsnips Fri 22-Dec-17 19:52:51

Wow, nosy and intrusive.

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