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Handover days- how do they work?

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Littlefluffycrowds Wed 13-Dec-17 07:43:00

I have just been offered a new job, the new company are saying we should set up some handover days or I should ‘come in for a visit’. All a bit vague but it’s early days so I don’t want to be pushy. What’s the usual expectation around this when joining a new job? I’ve never been asked to do this before, always just rocked up and got on with it on day one.

Should I be contracted and be paid for this time? That bit hasn’t been mentioned so I assume they see this as voluntary. hmm
I would have to take annual leave to cover the time off from my present role which I am not really keen on doing as I need it to cover the school holidays coming up etc.

But if I say no, is that a bad idea? how helpful is handover time with the previous job holder? I’m used to just being left a file of handover notes at a new company.

SpartonDregs Wed 13-Dec-17 07:49:11

I would say that I have to take annual leave to do this and as my annual leave was already allocated it would be unpaid, so I would need the time be paid and could it be done another way eg in a handover file.

LIZS Wed 13-Dec-17 07:59:04

Presumably there is no overlap between employee leaving and you joining. If not then maybe offer one day if you can negotiate it. Otherwise it will have to be by notes.

NotMyMonkees Wed 13-Dec-17 08:03:11

I've done this a couple of times, both times I took annual leave from my current job and then took a day's time in lieu when I started my new job. Can't remember how that got arranged though, whether it was suggested by new employer or I just assumed that was how it would work!

Blankiefan Wed 13-Dec-17 16:44:17

It depends on the job / role / level in my view. If it's a professional role at a decent level, I'd definitely expect to take annual leave to visit the offices, meet the team, etc. If they expected me to do a proper handover (e.g. if the existing employee was going fast), id have a discussion about offsetting x days of handover pre-start date with additional annual leave when you get there.

If it's not a senior role I'd not expect to do either before you joined.

Littlefluffycrowds Fri 15-Dec-17 22:47:40

Thank you all so much for responding.fsmile It is a junior management role (i’ll be leading a smaller team than I do now) but in a bigger company than I’ve worked for before. I’ll book the annual leave and make sure they give me the time back then. Thanks! grin
If anyone has any tips on what makes a good or bad handover visit/meeting/days etc I would love to know!! I’m still not sure about their expectations of what will happen or how long it’s for yet but ... I’m guessing I am going to listen a lot, carry a notebook and try to remember everyone’s names, I would like to write down some foolproof questions thatI can ask when I get nervous. I feel like i’m planning for the interview all over again!

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