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I haven’t been paid my overtime again!!!

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Wetwashing00 Tue 05-Dec-17 09:47:18

I’ll try to keep this short..,,
I haven’t been paid my overtime from my employer.
I am on a 20hour week contract with I get paid a salary. For any overtime I work I get it paid at the National living wage.
I have had this problem many times in the 2 years since my contract started and it seems to be, because of a number of issues... ranging from
Manager doesn’t know how to process my overtime. This happens with every new manager and there has been 3 so far. One in particular thinks I shouldn’t be paid overtime at all as the full time members of staff don’t get overtime only days in leiu. But I can sometimes work double my contracted hours when the business is busy and it helps me to earn more money for car problems/rainy day/ savings/ Christmas, so I believe I should be paid these extra hours.
I am due to work overtime again for December (January pay) but really feel like telling them to stuff it.
I made a point of asking the new
Manager if he knew how to process my overtime to payroll before he did it to ensure this wouldn’t happen, but it still has.
Now I am gonna be faced with having to pay a higher tax on what I’m owed (I have no idea why, just what I’ve been told) and therefore will be paid less than what I’m due.
This has put me in a horrible position for Christmas, and it’s now cancelled in my household. This has happened the 2 previous years too.

I suspect I am underpaid every month as I always go over my contracted hours even it’s just 8.
But this month I am due 60+ hours.
I feel so disappointed and angry.

tampinfuminragin Tue 05-Dec-17 09:48:55

Tell them you won't be working any overtime if you're not being paid for it.

AgnesNitt1976 Tue 05-Dec-17 09:52:21

As it is their mistake they should recalculate your wages including your over time and issue a new updated pay slip and amend your wages accordingly.

Personally I would put in a grievance outlining this continual issue. It is not difficult to work these extra hours out. They are making themselves look like complete idiots.

I hope they get this sorted for you xx

CotswoldStrife Tue 05-Dec-17 10:03:56

Firstly, there is no need to cancel Christmas.

It is unlikely that you will be paying a higher rate of tax, unless you have moved in to the top earners band!

Yes, you should be paid for additional hours. I think the phrase 'overtime' might be confusing the managers tbh. Have you spoken to your payroll department yourself? How do you record the extra hours worked, are you asked verbally to work them - could you email your manager with a confirmation of the hours that you have agreed to work when the request comes up?

I would speak to the payroll department (or HR if you have one) and tell them that you want the money ASAP. If you don't want to work overtime in December I'd let them know - and the reason - has your normal salary gone into your bank yet?

Wetwashing00 Tue 05-Dec-17 17:40:14

Yes I’ve been paid my basic salary which is equal to 20 hours a week.
I’ve been back and forth all day to my line manager and HR.
Even though I’ve done the whole investigation myself to prove I’m missing money, HR have insisted that my line manager go through all my hours himself.
Basically just re-doing everything I’ve done.
We have discussed updating my contract in the new year to prevent this from happening.

My hours are recorded on a clocking in/out system, so they are not easy to mis-calculate. But processing the overtime apprently is complicated. I’m the only men ever of staff that is entitled to overtime due to my contract, all other staff are hourly paid or on a full time salary.

Christmas feels like it’s cancelled at this moment until I’m paid what I’m owed. As there’s no money for presents/xmas food.

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