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New job and health issues - what are my options

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MyTimingIsOff Tue 14-Nov-17 14:27:04

I started a new job last month, but have found myself more and more anxious and depressed both at home and work over the past weeks. A visit to the doctors confirmed that this is down to a longstanding physical health issue that has been previously well controlled for over a decade.

From past experience I know it will take several months to recover. If I resign due to ill health is there anything i should consider ? (I can self support if out of work).

How much do I have to disclose about the nature of my illness?

I suspect, despite being new, they may wish to hold the job open for me, how do I explain that I don't want this without offence? (I think i can concentrate on recovery in my own time if not worrying about a job, if I was more established this might be different)

Thanks in advance

Olicity17 Wed 15-Nov-17 05:54:04

Cant you just resign and say the job isnt for you?.

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