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OnlyifIcould21 Tue 14-Nov-17 13:15:31

I am sure all of you come across this.Lets call x. This person was misbehaving at work and I complained once and then again colleague was aggressive at me and I complained out of distress. i thought it was a rumour until this happened to me. My manager told me "you have made that x very upset and sad that you don't like x and that's why x has acted towards you that way". I know what you have to say. This person is quite crafty and manipulative and takes 2-3whole months off twice a year caring for a dependant who is away. X accused me that x is told by a manager that i have complained about x's leave. I have not and the managers confirmed that: and x accused me of this again.
I was very confused and distressed why x is doing this and now i feel x was protecting the chance that i cannot do that.
As a mother i need to plead and please them to have some time off during school holidays unpaid and x gets them easily to the dependant(elderly) overseas but i cannot say "how come x gets i don't" because of what happened. The boss is upset that i complained and x is the eyes and ears of boss's absence and i have crossed the line. This is totally unfair yet i have not evidence other than i was told verbally to prove what boss has violated. I have written an email of the incident and now i am the trouble to boss as i took the initiative to complain about boss's pet..... Help me advise me what i could do..
X has been given privileges others haven't and nobody talks about it as they are scared because Manipulative x use characteristics to protect ... its my religion its my sexual orientation they are against..

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Bluntness100 Tue 14-Nov-17 13:26:45

Ok, seems two issues,

Firstly you complained two times about x because they were aggressive to you ? What form did this aggression take?

Secondly the company is authorising their leave to care for a elderly relative. The company is not giving you the same leave. I’d assume there was a difference in the agreements with the company. X has an agreement to take the leave, you do not. The reasons x will be permitted is private to x.

You have been told you have crossed the line, and to prove something? What have you to prove?

Sorry, it’s a little hard to read.

OnlyifIcould21 Tue 14-Nov-17 14:57:56

Are you saying company can treat 2 people indifferently. If they could give leave to his private reasons why not mine....

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Bluntness100 Tue 14-Nov-17 19:23:52

Yes a company can treat two people differently based on their contract terms . There Will probably be an agreement that this employee has with the company in terms of how many months she works per year and how much notice she needs to give to have those months off. You could have a different contract. Her contract is none of your business and confidential to her, you do not have a right to know her personal business.

The company does not need to give you the same deal.

OnlyifIcould21 Wed 15-Nov-17 18:02:54

your name says a lot about you and I donot want any of your rudeness to me... My company is not such that the contract is the same... I feel sorry for the people whom you work with.

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LovingLola Wed 15-Nov-17 18:05:05

I can sort of see why X might have a problem with you....

ThePinkPanter Wed 15-Nov-17 18:06:49

shock Bluntness hasn't been rude in the slightest. She literally answered your question. That's a really rude response though to someone that took time out to try and help you.

Taylor22 Wed 15-Nov-17 18:43:03

The other employees leave is nothing to do with you.

Bluntness wasn't rude.

However if this is a fraction of what your boss has to deal with hmm

OnlyifIcould21 Wed 15-Nov-17 20:23:11

Who would want anyones time which is distressing the others when they are in a situation needs of help... Its people like you who judges without knowing is harmless to this society......What good is that words if it is not put rightly and thanks I don't need your RUDE opinions... I have close this thread and will not be reading your rubbish..

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Taylor22 Wed 15-Nov-17 20:36:10

OK....but I can't read your rubbish confused

Shopgirl1 Wed 15-Nov-17 20:38:19

I think the OP is a non native speaker of English and has misinterpreted the response as rude...when really it is just being factual.

00100001 Thu 16-Nov-17 08:51:06

How can you possibly know if your contracts are the same?

PlainOldJosephineMary Thu 16-Nov-17 10:33:20


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