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OnlyifIcould21 Tue 14-Nov-17 13:04:34

I am sure all of you come across this.Lets call x. This person was misbehaving at work and I complained once and then again colleague was aggressive at me and I complained out of distress. i thought it was a rumour until this happened to me. My manager told me "you have made that x very upset and sad that you don't like x and that's why x has acted towards you that way". I know what you have to say. This person is quite crafty and manipulative and takes 2-3whole months off twice a year caring for a dependant who is away. X accused me that he is told by a manager that i have complained about his leave. I have not and the managers confirmed that and he accused me of this again.
I was very confused and distressed why x is doing this and now i feel x was protecting the chance that i cannot do that.
As a mother i need to plead and please them to have some time off during school holidays unpaid and x gets them easily to the dependant overseas but i cannot say how come x gets i don't because of what happened. The boss is upset that i complained and x is the eyes and ears of boss's absence and i have crossed the line. This is totally unfair yet i have not evidence other than i was told verbally to prove what boss has violated. I have written an email of the incident and now i am the trouble to boss as i took the initiative to complain about boss's pet..... Help me advise me what i could do..
X has been given privileges others haven't and nobody talks about it as they are scared because Manipulative x use characteristics to protect him... its my religion its my sexual orientation they are against..

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