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Annual leave at Christmas

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lastone Mon 13-Nov-17 07:58:58

Can anyone help with this question, I've looked online but it's quite specific and can't see an answer to it.
Where I work the building closes for 2 weeks over Xmas. All staff have to use 2 days annual leave to cover the 27th and 28th, if they fall on your working days, and other dates if they fall in a weekend. I work 3 days a week weds-Fri. The 2 days leave we have to use this year are weds and thurs. The rest of the time we are given as the building is closed.
My question is - as I am part time, should the 2 days be pro rata for me. Full time staff use 2 days. My colleague who works mon and Tues hasn't had to use any. So ive had to use 2 days the same as full time, although they get more holidays/pay.
I hope that makes sense. I know I'm very lucky to be in this situation but am querying it as every year when it comes up I always end up thinking it isn't quite right but can't find an answer. Our HR always get my leave entitlement wrong, it always takes several emails to sort it. Other part time staff have the same issue so I haven't approached HR because I don't think they will have an answer.

Council Mon 13-Nov-17 08:16:07

Yes, It's annoying but it's not wrong. The total number of days' leave you have in a year won't be any different, it's just frustrating that for two of them because of the way the holiday falls you don't get any choice.

That said, bank holidays are also pro-rata, so you should get extra days' leave if bank holidays don't fall on your working days.

So, say F-T is 25 days AL and 8 bank holidays and you're working 60%, across the year you should get 20 days off, including bank holidays (25+8 x 60%).

RJnomore1 Mon 13-Nov-17 08:18:05

Do you work a full day on a Wednesday and Thursday?

lastone Mon 13-Nov-17 08:22:11

Thanks for the replies. I do get my BH pro rata (had to remind them to add those this year tho) and yes I work full days weds and thurs. It does seem unfair but if it's correct I'll accept it and move on!

AlternativeTentacle Mon 13-Nov-17 08:23:26

My colleague who works mon and Tues hasn't had to use any. So ive had to use 2 days the same as full time,

In another year though the bank holidays will fall on a wed-fri and your colleague will use leave for 2 days.

It is all swings and roundabouts. You should get a minimum of 5.6 weeks leave which includes bank hols. So two of their bank hols reduce their overall by 2 days and 2 of your annual leave days reduce yours by 2 days.

Overall you should have a minimum of 16.8 days leave over the year. 1 of these will be a bank hol, [easter friday] and the rest will be annual leave. Your colleague will have to take more as bank hols if they work mondays, and get less actual annual leave to take when they like.

RJnomore1 Mon 13-Nov-17 08:49:54

If you work full days yes you need full days off.

LIZS Mon 13-Nov-17 08:55:19

Unfortunately that is the way it falls. Another year it wouldn't work so much against you and presumably you don't have to redeem leave for bh Mondays .

flowery Mon 13-Nov-17 09:38:45

As everyone has said, you're not getting any less annual leave than your colleague, it's just you're being restricted on when you can take it.

The only alternative would be you take these days as unpaid leave so you can use your annual leave at another time of year, but that wouldn't leave you any better off anyway.

Either that or they give you more annual leave than your colleague, and (pro rata) than your full time colleagues, which of course wouldn't be fair either.

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