Work related stress In pregnancy.

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MurraysMummy Sun 12-Nov-17 14:11:08

Hi just need some advice, pretty long story but I'll try n shorten it down.
I work 3 days a week my man works 3 other days so we don't need a babysitter for our 2 year old son, so it works great for us. Back in June he had the opportunity of taking on an extra job just a few hours at night so I asked my boss if I could change my hours to suit & she was fine with It.. (or so I thought) I was working from half 1 till 8 and got that changed to 10 till half 5 & my man starts his other job at 6 so it was all good until September when they handed me a letter telling me I had to go back to my original hours the day before we were off on holiday for 2 weeks meaning I had no time to arrange a babysitter. I went to my union and they got me my day shift hours back. Now out of the blue on Friday they have told me that I will start back my original hours again on Wednesday when I start back. Funny how my hours were changed when I told her on Friday that I'm pregnant again. I just feel they are doing it to spite me and I don't need the stress. I have a 2 year old and no childcare.. Im getting so stressed about it, im not sleeping, cant eat much anyway, felling sick and tired all the time, now this. Seems like i cant catch a break with them.. Anybody any idea what I should do..? I've been to my union rep and he said he will fight it again for me but it will take weeks.. So I'm thinking I go on sick leave for a few weeks. Anyone think that's a good idea or not..?

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FluttershysCutieMark Sun 12-Nov-17 17:27:05

I don't think it's a good idea. Your stress of arranging childcare is the same as many working parents. Yes stress isn't good in your current circumstances but you want to go off sick because your employer no longer feels the hours are beneficial to them and they don't want to bend over backwards to allow your partner to work an extra job.

As the change was only made in June I don't believe it would hold up as an official change of contract, although someone more experienced can probably advise better.

Technically they tried to change your hours back in September, not when you announced your pregnancy (if I'm reading that right). It sounds like it was an unofficial adhoc arrangement rather than a legitimate change of working hours request. Personally I think your man has to quit his second job if it is now impacting on your primary job.

fiorentina Sun 12-Nov-17 21:21:32

They did ask you to change your hours previously though, not after telling them you are pregnant. Can your partner take holiday from his evening job until you have childcare. I don't think going off sick is a good idea.

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