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Criminal records check Spain

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TwoScottieDogs Thu 09-Nov-17 18:40:47

I'm a primary school teacher and today our school business manager told us that anyone who has ever lived or worked abroad must obtain a criminal records check/certificate of good conduct from that country. I lived in France and Spain when I was doing my MFL degree (30 years ago!) and applied for my French certificate online today. Has anyone applied for one from Spain? I am confused by the guidance! When I click on the link to apply I can't do it online because I need a digital certificate (not sure what that is but don't think I've got one!) and when I click to download the form it says I shouldn't use it because it doesn't have a unique reference number on it! I am also not sure if I need to get my passport copy certified by a solicitor or not?? Can anyone help?

daisychain01 Sat 11-Nov-17 08:18:35

I’m not sure about the actual process but I can help regarding the digital certificate. From what you’ve described, you are trying to download a certificate to prove your qualification. The digital certificate is a means of creating authenticity for the certificate ( to prove it isn’t some bogus certificate you bought off a dodgy website for a tenner grin

As I said, I’m not sure the process you are using or the link you are clicking on but you need to somehow get the password/code/authority from the owner of the link so that when you download the certificate it has been validated correctly with an encrypted certificate to show it’s a genuine qualification.

I hope my ramblings make sense!

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