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Difficult supervisor

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The80sweregreat Thu 09-Nov-17 17:12:58

I feel bad for moaning as the job is very part time, only hour and a half each day.
I've been there for year and a half roughly and just find the supervisor hard going - she is very much part of the place where i work and socialises with everyone and is very good friends with all the senior managers.
She seemed to dislike me from day one really - she seems to watch for me to make any kind of mistake and she jumps straight on it , i have heard her whispering about me to others and generally makes me feel uncomfortable. Its lovely if she isnt there for any reason!
I thought at first it was ' just me' but talking to others (who have since left ) they have felt the same. She will pick and choose her 'victims' - people she does like she is very friendly with. She left me alone a while back as she had it in for another lady, who left in the summer. it was bliss ( horrible for her and i did sympathise with her out of work too, but she said she was leaving anyway..) but seems to have gone back to being me again - the one whose face doesnt fit!
Its pointless going to HR ( who only pop in now and again) as her and the senior business lady are friends of hers and i know they will brush it all off as me being paranoid. She does a lot more work wise than I do - other different jobs there too, so she is around a lot more than I am and they would just think any complaint from me was 'sour grapes'. I mostly keep out of her way , if i can, and try so hard to do everything correctly, but all this walking on eggshells is a tad wearing and i have other things going on outside this place that are also causing me stress.
She really does play 'favourites'. just any advice really? i cant go to anyone senior and its all very silly, but its making me anxious! i do like the actual job and the others i work with , so thats a positive.
i just hate feeling i am doing it all wrong all the time, when i know i'm not ( and the job isnt that hard either!) she just clearly doesnt like me.
I am looking for something else, but this job is ideal for own out of work family things going on just now, so thats why I havent done much about any of that. Has anyone else ever found this before?
I have tried various things and other people have told me that its not ' all me ' and she clearly does have problems with people sometimes, but is so well liked by others she can seem to get away with things! sorry this is a bit of rant -

LostMyBroomstick Fri 10-Nov-17 09:39:14

A difficult situation. We had someone like this at my previous workplace. The number of people who left because of her was ridiculous and they were all lovely people (some had been in the job many years). She was eventually 'caught' red-handed and put on suspension as it was a student she was having a go at. He complained to management and nothing was done so he took it to the university who really went to town on our manager. Anyway, thankfully, as a result the bullying/harassment claims from other staff were eventually listened to and she ended up resigning.

Is this woman an older woman by any chance (possibly coming up menopausal age)? We realised our 'bully' was hormonal as she'd be fine one day then 'boom' the next.

Definitely look for another job. You may have to put a grievance in to get her to back off. Are you in a union that you could speak to for advice? She is clearly harassing you! I hate people like that . A collective grievance from yourself and others would be stronger.

I hope you get this resolved and don't end up leaving. Fingers crossed she will leave. She probably has a sad life outside of work and delights in making everyone else miserable (although will suck up to managers etc.).

The80sweregreat Fri 10-Nov-17 10:11:06

hi, thank you for replying - I am not there that much so i feel bad for moaning, but the place i work at does seem to keep on the difficult people and not do anything about it. I dont know, i will carry on i think for now - she was alright today funnily enough. She is coming up to 50 ( i am mid 50smyself , so i do get that its a tricky time of life and we dont have as much patience and so on,) and had a lot of personal problems, but then we all have. she isnt at all interested in anyone else's problems though! ( unless they are friends of hers or management) I know its all petty and i shouldnt let it get to me and just shrug it off.

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