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Advice please.

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WorriedInWrexham Thu 09-Nov-17 16:06:47

Hello All,

I'm new here.. not sure if i'm posting in the right category. Anyway, here goes..

Up until mid- October I had a really well paid job. However, due to the culture of the company and several other issues, I was feeling really depressed every night when coming home. I spoke to my DH who told me that if I was feeling as down and depressed as I was, perhaps it was time to look for another job and/or leave the position I had. I agreed as the job wasn't worth my mental wellbeing. I left the position mid-October and have been applying for other positions ever since. I've had several interviews.. some good, some not so good. I believe this to be down to my mental health (not in a very good place right now!)

Last week I had two interviews for positions I believed would be a good fit for me. However, one decided to hire someone with more experience (as you do) and the other decided that after seeing all the candidates, they would change the job title and description but both said I interviewed really well.

I've been worried for the past 3 weeks regarding our current financial situation and with the upcoming festive season, I'm worried even more.

My DH has now been told that his contract ends next Friday and despite us both looking for alternative employment, we seem to be getting nowhere.

We're now facing the reality of not being able to pay our rent, bills, no money for food and no presents for Christmas for our children.

I know it was really stupid of me to leave my job, if only I could turn back the clock.

Does any body have any suggestions, or just words of wisdom having been in our position?

Please help.

Thank you

molifly Thu 09-Nov-17 16:10:16

Have you considered temping until you find alternative employment? It's not glamorous but it'll get some money paid in and most temp agency's pay weekly/fortnightly?

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. What a rubbish position to be in and one that could so easily happen to anybody x

katmarie Thu 09-Nov-17 16:16:34

Have you looked at agencies, recruiters, short term roles etc? If you’re getting to the point where you can’t afford to be picky, agencies may well have Christmas short term work available at the moment which would give you financial breathing space to keep looking and trying for a long term role.

Also networking is key. Use your contacts, reach out to people you know or have worked with before, uni friends, family members etc and see what they or their companies have available, search on places like linked in, send speculative cv’s to companies you would like to work for, even if they’re not advertising posts.

You’re not going to be entitled to a lot of help as you left your role voluntarily so start putting finances in order, what can you reduce payments on, what can you pause payments on, what simply must be paid, and draw up a budget looking realistically at the next three months. Talk to credit providers, mortgage company or landlord and see if you can reduce or pause payments. Cancel anything non essential. Be ruthless.

Fwiw I understand how you felt, I quit my job without another one to go to as I just couldn’t stand it any more. It wasn’t the best idea but we’ve managed, and I’m no longer driving home every night crying so in that respect it’s been worth it.

WorriedInWrexham Thu 09-Nov-17 16:17:04

Thank you Molifly.

I've been looking at both temp and permanent positions. There doesn't seem to be much around the area in which I live. However, I have a contact at a recruitment agency who i'm hoping may have something for me in the interim.

If only i'd known it would be such a struggle prior to leaving. I guess hind-sight is 20/20.

NerrSnerr Thu 09-Nov-17 16:20:36

Are Christmas jobs still recruiting? I’m thinking supermarkets, high street jobs, pubs/ restaurants etc or Royal Mail do seasonal work? Just something to give you both money while you apply for what you want to do.

WorriedInWrexham Thu 09-Nov-17 16:21:21

Thanks katmarie.

My DH and I are going to sit down tonight and see what we can reduce. It really helps to know that others have been in this position and are managing. I think the time of year doesn't help.

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