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Holiday period and pay slips HELP

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Bitsandbobsalot Tue 07-Nov-17 15:25:01

Google hasn’t helped so I’m hoping one of you fine lot might.
Firstly I began working for a company beginning of this year . Love my job and quite happy to be doing what I’m doing where I’m doing it. Problem is as a contractor I’ve maybe seen my boss/employer twice since I started. I think the actual company I’m employed by are a bit crap but the company which I’m based is lovely (deliberately being vague as I don’t want to be out the company)

My first problem is I’ve never received a pay slip in the whole time I’ve worked for them even though I’ve asked no less than 3 times. I now have proof that I’ve asked and my manager/company director has ignored my requests. What are the legalities of this ???? I am being paid but have no idea of my tax/NI/pension contributions

Second issue is there are two employe contracts. One that is left on site at the company I am contracted on and a employee one which is for personal reference. These two contracts say different things. My personal contact says my holiday period runs from birthday-birthday every year so if you start in say July but your birthday is in January you can’t take any holidays till after birthday following start date (I’ve never heard of this and I hope I’m making sence) and clients contract says holidays accumulate and you can take them after 13 weeks employment. No mention of the birthday policy.

Thirdly I am having to buy products with my own money that I can NOT claim back to be able to do my job properly. I’m between a rock and a hard place with this as if I don’t have the right stuff I can’t do my job properly then client complains to me not my boss. Also if my employer was to loose the contract I would lose my job

Can anyone advise. These things aren’t sitting right with me but am I being silly ?
Thank you

RB68 Tue 07-Nov-17 15:27:44

It really doesn't sound right - you are either a contractor or an employee and can't be both. If you are an employee of the company contracting you out then you are entitled to certain things and proper contract and payslips are two of them - I would speak to someone like ACAS tto be clear on what should be provided and then ask them how to approach getting that from your employer.

Bitsandbobsalot Tue 07-Nov-17 15:30:15

A company hires my company to do a job for them long term. I’m employed by the hired company to provide a service.
So sorry if I sound like a idiot but my due to my contract I’m not allowed to say anything bad about/name company online.
Thank you for advise though

prh47bridge Tue 07-Nov-17 17:50:21

I still find this confusing. I don't know which company you've asked for a payslip, which company's holiday policy you are talking about and so on.

However, it seems company A hires company B, which is your company. You are, therefore, employed by company B. In that situation company B should provide you with a payslip and deal with PAYE and NI. In terms of holidays, what matters is company B's holiday policy.

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