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Maternity rights and fixed term contracts

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Lorechka Tue 07-Nov-17 13:45:42

Can't seem to get through to my HR department so thought I would post on here instead as the advice is probably more helpful!

Basic crux - I am working for the NHS on a fixed term contract which is due to expire on 1st December 2017. Today I found out that I might be able to accept another fixed term contract which would start on 1st Dec '17 and then end in April 2018.

My problem is, although I am not pregnant now, it is possible that I might want to TTC in the early part of next year (2018). My question is where on earth do I stand with regard to maternity pay?

I have worked for the NHS for 10 years so I definitely have continuity of service from that point of view, but, my fixed term contract ending in April will expire well before the 15 weeks before "expected date of childbirth" which I understand is what is needed to qualify for SMP.

The chances are, in April, another fixed term contract may well land in my lap (here's hoping) so I will have continuous service until mat leave, but, would anyone employ me on a fixed term contract if I was pregnant??

Any advice would be very welcome



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