Time off for toothpain/infection

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Hopefullywaiting Mon 06-Nov-17 20:32:45

I have developed terrible toothpain over the weekend and painkillers are not touching it. Noticed a tight feeling and puffyness/swelling where the pain is start Sat night and more noticable today.

Managed to get seen at dentist today confimerd infection tooth will need to be removed, dentist prescribed antibiotics and booked me for extraction later on as felt it would be too painful with infection and to let antibiotics kick so infection could settle a bit .

Started them today and taking painkillers but not doing much to help. I let work know situation earlier this evening and said i dont think i will be up to work in morning. I work in role similar to healthcare ( not nhs or nurse) and involves lots of pysical work and travelling from place to place .
they said i will be fine and to dose up on painkillers get an early night ( Were symathetic and i did feel a bit silly saying i didnt feel id be well enough to work but did explain its an infection forgot to mention swelling in brain fog) .
but said are very short on staff tommorow. And basically im needed in.

Still feeling so very drowsy and slighty sick now face is aching. Wibu to still take the day off tommorow if i dont feel any better ?

I have barely slept in two nights due to pressure in my face as laying down worsens pain. Hoping antibitics kick in soon to help painkillers work

Any advice appriciated

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mercurymaze Mon 06-Nov-17 20:37:46

stay off if you can, tooth pain is agonising, you could also try oil of cloves for some instant relief.

PennyPent Mon 06-Nov-17 20:43:03

If you're on strong antibiotics you may well end up with an upset stomach to add to the mix! There's no way you can travel about with that going on! But more generally, you will know if you're fit for work or not in the morning - perhaps give the first lot of painkillers time to take effect. How do they know today you'll be fine tomorrow? What a nonsense angry

Merida83 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:48:03

In U.K you can take a week off without drs certificate. Basically means they deem adults capable of deciding if they are fit to work without their employer being allowed to force them in.

If you are still in a lot of pain, still sleep deprived and miserable (which is bloody likely with dental infection) I'd stay at home and curl up with a hot water bottle on sore side of face (I find that helps along with lots of painkiller while waiting for antibiotics to kick in)

Hopefullywaiting Mon 06-Nov-17 20:57:33

Hi Mercury maze
Thankyou for quick reply
It really has been so painful and barely any sleep past couple of nights
(Did explain that to manager) just cannot lay comfortably .

I forgot to mention in op that i did have some repair dental work done today on diffrent previous tooth on same side of jaw as infection (but lower and upper iyswim).

Usally i would try clove oil but very wary this time (expected dentists to say i had abcess they think it was start of it and just caught it) as dont want to aggrivate this further as painkillers not effective yet
Thankyou for help i do appreciate it xx

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Hopefullywaiting Mon 06-Nov-17 21:05:16

Hi Penny
I do have ibs so the antibiotics upsetting me is very likely! I dont do too great on them
As you say i know if i will be fit or not

i cant see myself having lovely restful sleep and feeling refreshed and better would be lovely if had that releif. I havnt taken any more painkoll for a bit as u said see if thry have time to work if i keep taking them will just make myself feel sick .
Thanks for your reply

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Chewbecca Mon 06-Nov-17 21:09:52

Don't decide now, get up as usual tomorrow and see how you feel. If you feel awful, don't go.

retirednow Mon 06-Nov-17 21:11:36

it's not a good idea to go to work on antibiotics and pain killers, you must feel rotten, tooth pain is awful and it's not your fault that they are short staffed, look after yourself first, if they get funny about it then go to GP for a fit note.

Hopefullywaiting Mon 06-Nov-17 21:28:31


Hi merida
Thankyou for reply
I think i shouldnt of called in earlier to save anxiety of doing it in morning
(But also to give more notice) should have just waited to see how i felt as now feel like i have almost asked permission for tommorow off

They said about hot water bottle when recommending how to feel better , as it happens. i will try that or maybe hot flannel if that will be as effective?? Am feeling really hot and clammy so flannel might be more comfortable than hot water bottle

Will see how i feel tommorow. Just worried now i spoke to them if i call in they will feel i ignored them or stuck two fingers up and get funny. I know im overthinking though. I do get anxious about these things.
Should maybe mention i worked my roterd hours at weekend plus additonal hours to cover .
And disturbed on day off by very early call from work (was asleep)

I didnt know what responces id get regarding taking time off for what might be seen as toothache ..Thankyou for all your kind and helpful replies flowers

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PhantomBlooper Mon 06-Nov-17 21:37:45

If you feel rotten in the morning, call in with no regrets.

I've worked in care previously and have felt pressured into working when I'm not well. If you are working with vulnerable people you need to be firing on all cylinders and you cannot do this if you are crippled by pain and/or dosed up on painkillers.

Their stress will be short lived. They will find cover for you. You have to disengage and let them deal with the stress of that. You focus on getting some rest and feeling better. flowers

Hopefullywaiting Tue 07-Nov-17 05:23:31

Thankyou to chewbecca
retired now and phantom blooper for replys
Was wiped out needed to try and sleep didnt drop off until 11 ish back awake at 12.30 then awake every half hour until 3am just been tossing and turning

Face throbbing its painful to open mouth seem to also have sore throat which is painful and feel more restructed/puffy round face . feel sick and bloody rotten .dreading not going in and phone call but cant go in like this .

Thankyou for kind advice xx

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