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Feel like I will never find another job

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Gemi33 Sun 05-Nov-17 15:14:59


I'm feeling really low at the moment - I started a new job about 18 months ago and right away I knew it was not a good fit for me and I have been unhappy ever since. It is a really stressful job and the workload is ridiculous and I feel like it has really changed me - I am always stressed, always worried and always exhausted. I have been looking for another job for over year and can't find anything. I live alone and can't afford to take a cut in salary and still cover my bills and in all the time looking I've only seen one job I could really apply for and I didn't get that. Apart from that there's hardly been anything. I keep thinking surely something will come up eventually..but nothing.

Is anyone else in a similar position?


PennyPent Mon 06-Nov-17 19:46:07

I'm not in a similar position, but yours sounds unsustainable. Is there someone you can talk to at work about how you feel? It can't be good for them if you are run ragged like this.

I wonder if you are being too restrictive in your job searching. Have you got skills that could transfer to other sectors/industries? If there's not much out there in your current field, no wonder you feel trapped.

From a practical perspective, have you got vacancy alerts set up on all the job sites and Linkedin, and are you registered with the right agencies for your chosen field? Have you asked someone to look over your CV to make sure it shows the best of you? A year is a long time to keep up momentum in job hunting, so it would be understandable if you take your eye off the ball from time to time.

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