Where to advertise part time jobs?

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monkey2014 Sat 04-Nov-17 10:47:20

Apart from mumsnet obviously smile

I am trying to broaden out where my work advertises jobs and we have some part time and casual work available. I'm new to this advertising so I wondered if there's any good places beyond the obvious job boards I could try. Any ideas welcome!

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chipsandpeas Sat 04-Nov-17 11:24:43

local newspapers, facebook page if your work has one, website word of mouth have some kind of open day at your work

2018babyonboard Sat 04-Nov-17 11:27:12

A community Facebook page - e’g ‘Westminster residents’ I advertised for a part time role on there and got loads of people sharing it and commenting as it worked well for parents. Interviewed some fantastic applicants!

monkey2014 Sat 04-Nov-17 12:27:46

Great idea about the local facebook groups - I hadn't thought of that. Open day is also a good idea.

I have a particular job in mind which is probably good for retired people who want something very part time. Have you ever advertised anything to reach that kind of group? I'm not sure where to start with that one as they might not be actively looking.

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healthyheart Sat 04-Nov-17 15:11:24

Local parish magazine

daisychain01 Sun 05-Nov-17 08:52:43

I have a particular job in mind which is probably good for retired people who want something very part time

Please be really careful how you word your advert! There is no problem you targeting any websites or magazines you like, but it is classed as discriminatory to pre-judge the age or life phase you believe fits your job vacancy. It could equally suit a 25 yo SAH Dad who only needs a few hours’ work - see what I mean?

Think of it like this, you are narrowing down the field by projecting your expectations to the role and it could deter the perfect candidate from applying. Hopefully whoever you get works out well!

monkey2014 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:20:34

Thanks Daisy. I do know it could be good for lots of different kinds of people, and I'm usually the one who goes through the adverts picking discriminatory comments like that out! However, we don't do any kind of advertising that might specifically reach that kind of group for any of our jobs, so I do need to work out how I might best reach retired people as well as others who might not be actively looking. Right now I think we're narrowing the field by not doing any kind of focussed activity, just relying on main jobs boards etc.

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monkey2014 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:36:54

any ideas for how I reach the 25 yo SAHD would also be welcome smile

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Footle Sun 05-Nov-17 12:44:46

I’m retired, looking for pt work and right here on MN.

Ninjakittysmells Sun 05-Nov-17 12:47:09

Indeed.com is where I used to advertise all my job roles for my old company. We would be inundated with responses, but you had to filter through those applying for everything to fulfil the job centre requirements.

I’m looking for work at mo - where are you?! I’m not retired though sadly grin

monkey2014 Sun 05-Nov-17 15:27:57

Haha! I can't post what I do as it is very outing, but i should obviously do a mumsnet jobs ad grin

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