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6 months into new job and not sure

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mammasmadhouse Thu 02-Nov-17 16:07:26

I have been in post for 6 months and work with a lovely team who provide a fabulous service, but I just don't know if the role is for me..? I am in a support role, and do not work with the same people as the team do, so still feel quite an outsider. One of the senior bosses took the credit for a piece of work I did, which stung quite badly, coupled with the fact that the other people in other areas who do the same job as me are paid on a higher salary band. I feel that I am doing fair bit of work that is above my level, but for me it has been a good challenge and in other areas I feel that I have less responsibility as previously role I was able to do more myself but currently do to the politics of the environment I work in have to jump through many hoops to progress things . I am not sure if I am overthinking things but just not sure if the role is for me long term..? Not sure what I can do to improve things, I have a review meeting next week with my boss and not sure if I should voice my concerns or not? Any advice would be appreciated.

CharlieandLolaCat Fri 03-Nov-17 21:42:35

So I work in an organisation that has a lot of internal politics, it’s huge and you can find yourself picking your way through a minefield at time. I have been here 15 months now and there have been peaks and troughs but it is broadly worth it. I would hang in there, give honest but diplomatic feedback, talk about autonomy etc and see how you feel in another 6 months.

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