I've just got a promotion but want to try for a baby?

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MrsBee5817 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:02:37

Hey everyone. This is my first post so bare with me.
I have been in my employment for 4 years. I just recently applied for a temporary promotion for a year and got the job. This meant* my* other job would be seconded for me and I would be able to return to it after the year is out. I had to apply as it was a pay rise and more responsibility which is what I wanted. However me and my husband would like to start trying for a baby,
I am not naive enough to think getting pregnant happens straight away, but my question is, if it did. Could my work have something to say and take me off promotion, could they get rid of my normal job and leave me out of a job.
Basically I'm wondering what my options are going to be, and am I going to be safe either way if I go in pregnant sometime in the new year.
Thank you.

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Wiggles9408 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:13:23

They most definitely can’t take away your job! Nor retract your promotion! www.gov.uk/working-when-pregnant-your-rights

That’s the gov site with all your rights as a pregnant worker smile also ask for a copy of your contract because that will also cover the specific company policies on pregnancy in the workplace smile

You’re right though it can take time to fall pregnant so don’t stress about work at the moment, you have every right to work whilst pregnant, have time off for hospital/ midwife appointments and paid maternity and they have to hold your job for you until your MAT leave is up then you decide if you’d like to return or not. Good luck with the trying ;) have fun!!!

Wiggles9408 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:14:48

AND congratulations on the promotion! Hopefully you’ll smash it and they’ll offer you a permanent placement! flowers

MrsBee5817 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:30:35

Thanks so much!
Puts my mind at rest!
Thank you!

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