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Week in hand

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doughnutcraver Wed 01-Nov-17 15:56:31

My dd has worked for a company for approx 7 months.
Last week the employer called everyone into his office and told them that he couldn't pay them for that week and sent them all home.
My dd found a new job and contacted old employer by phone to let him know she wouldn't be back.
Employer is now saying that dd is not entitled to her week in hand as she didn't give correct notice.
Surely if employer can send everyone home without pay then dd had a right to find alternative employment?
We have looked at contract (signed by dd) and it states that company can give immediate notice but employee needs to give 7 days notice! If this is true dd has worked a week for nothing.

flowery Wed 01-Nov-17 17:47:07

It would not be lawful for the employer to give no notice- the statutory minimum for someone employed over a month is one week.

Your DD must be paid for work she has carried out, but does not need to be paid for a notice period she is not willing and able to work.

Whether the employer was within its rights to send her home without pay depends on the other terms in her contract.

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