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NHS bank nurse and sick pay

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MegCleary Sat 28-Oct-17 17:29:20

Any body have any experience in this?

Gorja Sat 28-Oct-17 17:53:16

Bank nurses don’t get sick pay. That’s one of the downsides to just being on bank.

ggirl Sat 28-Oct-17 17:59:12

I worked for NHSP as the trust I worked in then only used them for adhoc staff , they paid sick pay and you could accrue annual leave, similar to some agencies.You had to be working a certain amount of hours though
On a normal bank contract don't think I've had sick pay.

If you've been a regular bank nurse and working lots of block booking there may be some way?? Have you asked HR dept.

ggirl Sat 28-Oct-17 18:07:43

Actually I think with NHSP you accrue days which you would use as either holiday or sick..sorry I've not used it for sickness and it's a few years since I worked for them

MegCleary Sat 28-Oct-17 18:15:01

Just rooted out my contact and I may be entitled to SSP. Hmmm could be tight!

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