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Anyone in HR? Looking to move into role but unsure where to start.

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Smarshian Mon 23-Oct-17 19:57:49


I'm currently a restaurant general manager. Have worked for company for 9 years and worked way up. Have dealt with various ER issues that have arisen during that time (disciplinary, grievance, flex work requests etc etc). I am very interested in moving into an advisory role within HR but am wondering what someone who runs a department would expect in terms of experience/qualifications. What sort of roles could I apply for and what should my initial pay expectations be?
I'm currently on mat leave and only returning to work for a few months as I am pregnant with no2. Work have agreed to allow me to get some experience within HR (a few days) to help me get more experience/ understanding of roles I'd like to do but I want to make sure I know what I want to get out of it. I'm happy to do some studying on next mat leave if necessary but obviously not too many hours as will have 2 under 2!

Thanks if you've read this far! Any advise/experience appreciated!

Twirlstwirlstwirls Tue 24-Oct-17 10:25:06


I work in HR, studied it and worked with 2 big firms before going self-employed (after family) I've seen people make the switch into Employee Relations teams following time in the business (rather than going into that area from the start)

It's encouraging your current employer are supportive. I'd recommend asking to support case management, reporting on to mix of issues that come through to them for advice and attending to take minutes in face to face meetings if possible. This will give you further insight into the types of cases within the business.

Being objective, reasoned and consistent underpins any quality of an Employee Relations Advisor. The depth of business experience you have would be an asset. Knowledge or qualifications in Employment Law is essential, particularly of changes and developments. As for earnings, I've found it varies hugely on a regional basis tbh, but ER is often an area that's in demand.

Hope that helps as a start!

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