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Help! Giving Notice During Grievance

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VonHerrBurton Sun 22-Oct-17 22:48:43

I started a grievance against a colleague a couple of weeks ago. Without too much or little detail there is no way I could work with or around the person again and since I brought my case to HR I haven't been back into work.

I've spent the last few weeks thinking of a solution to the problem and no matter what, I can't imagine how it would be tenable going forward, unfortunately. I've been very lucky to find another job.

Does anybody know how my notice period, normally 4 weeks, would work? I want to get out asap and I have a feeling although I'm not sure that the colleague will be reprimanded but not dismissed. In which case it would help if I just go away! Lots of ifs and buts, I know.. how do I get out as soon as possible? How do I say 'look, I don't want to be here anymore as I see no answer to the problems. How about I just go?' Without actually saying it like that?!

Help! TIA

kuniloofdooksa Sun 22-Oct-17 23:02:47

Dear (Line Manager)

I am writing to tender my resignation as I have been fortunate to have been offered a new position elsewhere.

In the light of recent events at (company name) of which you are aware, I would like to request that you consider agreeing to waive the normal 4 week notice period and allow my employment to terminate effective immediately.

Yours sincerely

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