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Tesco Colleague Clubcard

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ThePhoenixBird Sun 22-Oct-17 19:00:51


My DP works for Tesco and we recently received his Colleague Clubcard. We used it in store a couple of days ago and tried to use it online the other day - however despite the email confirmation saying the discount had come off, I was charged full price.

Does anyone here work for Tesco knows the rules of the Colleague Clubcard - we have requested one in my name so I can use it when out without DP, but the one he has now on his name - am I right in thinking so long as he is present when it’s used in store and that shopping online comes to the home address that his payroll has, it doesn’t matter whose bank account the payment comes from?

Our set up is all the food budget is paid for from my bank account, but I am getting a little worried that they will want the payments coming from his bank account or am I over thinking it? I cannot see this mentioned anywhere and I need to call up and ask why the discount didn’t come off the online shop!


FluttershysCutieMark Mon 23-Oct-17 20:23:17

Is the clubcard definitely set up against the online account? My experience was that you could see the applied discount before paying.

Whose online account is it? If it's yours then it may have caused an issue as the clubcard is registered as him, not you. The bank account won't matter but whose tesco online account might.

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