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Seeking advice please

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chopin33 Sun 22-Oct-17 13:38:26

Hi there just looking for some friendly advice. I'm a carer I started doing this about three years ago and worked in Domiciliary care the company was friendly lovely office staff and other carers and the clients were great. I left recently as I wanted to move away from a zero hours contract and started work at a private care home. I just thought it would be fine but it seems not! Manager is there all the time and regularly makes comments to me such as "is it making sense yet," "try and get to know how everything works" and so on. Last Friday he called me to his office and his words were "some of the other staff are worried about you" and "you have a lot to learn" it's left me feeling very unnerved. The big difference is the manual handling basically in my last job we were told not to lift people or try to move them whereas at the new place there's loads of handling.

There's a three month probationary period which is up mid December I'm worried this manager has taken a dislike to me

Any thoughts would be much appreciated


wellhonestly Mon 23-Oct-17 14:24:29

I would suggest you need to ask your manager for the appropriate training in manual handling. You should be completely straight with him about this, it is important not just for you but for the organisation that staff who are expected to do manual handling are trained to do it properly. And it will show that you are thoughtful about the requirements of your job. Tell him that it is the main difference from what you were doing before, and you want to learn.

chopin33 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:54:33

Well. Honestly thank you for your message yes I did this and the manual handling training has been done properly yesterday lots for me to read as well onwards and upwards!

wellhonestly Mon 23-Oct-17 16:25:22

That's good to know. Has it made you feel a bit better?

The care workforce is short of people, if you are a good worker I bet they will want to keep you, they will not have a good reason to dislike you. Sometimes an enterprise like a care home gets "moulded" to the way a manager likes things, whereas if you were doing more 1-to-1 care before it was prob more adaptable.

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