Negotiating higher starting salary in public sector/academia

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JadeEmeraldGreen Fri 20-Oct-17 16:49:12

Hi there,

I’ve gone from public sector roles to academia (professional services) roles and back again; each time accepting the roles at the start of the pay band. I’ve been offered a new job (18 month contract in the first instance, i’m currently permanent) in academia, the starting salary is pretty much identical to what i’m currently on (it’s approx. £150 per annum less). Although i’m happy to make this sideways career move (been in this role 7 years and want exposure to a new department but still using the same skills/knowledge I put into practice each day), ideally i’d like to start a couple of points above the start of the pay band. I met all the essential and desirable criteria and had to put on my application what my current salary is, so both of these points this will form the basis for my request.

Does anyone have experience of this? Were you successful? What words did you use?? The role I’ve been offered was advertised at £35,8xx-£44,2xx*; given I met all the criteria would it be reasonable to ask for the £40k mark (middle of the road)?

I know when we’ve hired new people when i’ve been in NHS roles, if they requested to start even one spine point above the start of the pay band, their reasons for had to be fervent and our line manager had to make a case to HR which, to the best of my knowledge, was turned down 99% of the time. Not sure if academia is much the same. One of my ex-colleagues who is now an Institute Manager in one of the world’s top universities tells me women always sell themselves short, whenever he makes job offers to men they will always request (and often get) more than the stated starting salary however, generally, women just accept the beginning of the pay band even though in his experience they’ve had leverage to request more, but most of the time haven’t.

I should just bite the bullet and ask, I just hate the awkwardness of it all – especially as the person i’ve been speaking to will be my line manager when I start. Told them I would let them know by Monday afternoon.

*x’s after the salary as these digits are very precise, in case I out myself!

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BubblesBuddy Fri 20-Oct-17 17:49:23

If this pay bracket is roughly the same,most employers would pay the increment above so you don't lose out by moving. I would ask for two increments (maybe) and definitely one. It's not normal to lose out in a new job and it's temporary! Try for two.

marialuisa Sat 21-Oct-17 09:02:20

In the Unversities I've worked in you would have to have the hiring manager on side as they would need to,present a written case for offering you anything other than the nearest point above your current salary. For me as a hiring manager, for jobs at the level you indicate I'd take it as read that you met all the criteria so it would depend on how much I wanted you specifically and where I could demonstrate you were above and beyond the rest of the field. That said, if the post was funded from a research grant I'd always be happy to put in a case and the chances of it being agreed would be better than for a permanent, core funded role.

icetip Sat 21-Oct-17 15:25:31

You ask, they say yes or no, you then make an informed decision. Every institution will have a different policy, most will allow the recruiting manager discretion - decision maker will be conscious of any budgetary restriction (e.g. limited grant funding) and existing internal relativities.

TheSnowFairy Sat 21-Oct-17 16:46:50

When I asked (3 points in the grade) they said I would start on point 1, in 6 months be on point 2 and in a year would be on point 3.

I would have kicked myself if I hadn't asked!

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