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Interview far from home but desperate for a change.

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Eleanor09 Wed 18-Oct-17 01:27:44

Been with employer for nearly 10 years - p-t and for past few years, f-t. Not particularly happy - immediate colleagues don't have a great opinion of me though others, outside the team, are OK or even very nice. But I plod on (and do an additional p-t job) because the money is sorely needed. DH's work wavers and we rarely get to the end of the month without a big o/d. DCs grown though supporting one of them through uni.

I'm almost permanently exhausted. F-T is unfulling though P-T job is better by far. I'm rarely not thinking about and planning work. Been applying for better paid posts so that I can work in one place only. So far, no success. Until today when I was invited to an interview for a 3 day a week job (& until next Summer only), very far from home, but far more up my street. It's fanciful to think I could afford to live there and commute home for half the week. But I'm chuffed to be asked to interview. Tempted to give it a go - to throw caution to the wind and see if I could make a success of it, building up hours, going past the Summer. We wouldn't move home. Kids grew up here and it's home. But I am so tired, demoralised in my f-t job and so, so wanting a real change, not just to tinker at the edges of my present life.

Has taking a punt worked for anyone? Any advice would be very gratefully received just now.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 18-Oct-17 04:29:27

It sounds a bit fanciful OP. Where would you live? Unless the money was WAY more than you're making now of course. Then after next summer, you'd be back to square one.

Instead of trying to make this work, take from it what it's given you immediately...the knowledge that you WILL get a better job. You just need to keep trying.

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